How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jul 28 2014

"... poem lovely as __": Kilmer ATREE
"9 to 5" singer DOLLYPARTON
"Evidently" SOITSEEMS
"Help yourself" BEMYGUEST
"It's __ and a bag of chips" ALLTHAT
"Now I get it!" OHO
"__-Pan": Clavell novel TAI
All finished, as dinner EATEN
Antique autos REOS
Apartment vacancy sign TOLET
Aww-inspiring? CUTE
Bar regular's order, with "the" USUAL
Beethoven's "Für __" ELISE
Bridge player's call BID
Caesar's rebuke to Brutus ETTU
Charles Lamb pseudonym ELIA
Classic laundry detergent RINSO
Commotion ADO
Compassionate handling, briefly TLC
Credits as a source CITES
Delays on purpose STALLS
Designer Saarinen EERO
Dinghy propeller OAR
Direction after Near, Far or Middle EAST
Doozie LULU
Electrical pioneer Nikola TESLA
Eye surgery tool LASER
Far from posh SEEDY
Femmes fatales VAMPS
Filler for Tabby's box KITTYLITTER
Friendly greeting, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 25- and 47-Across HELLOTHERE
Get snuggly NESTLE
Greasy spoon orders, briefly BLTS
Green __, Wisc BAY
Hi-__ image RES
Holiday with a Seder PASSOVER
Indian spiced tea CHAI
JFK prediction ETA
Jump on the ice AXEL
Kinte of "Roots" KUNTA
Lab rodent RAT
Lift the spirits of ELATE
Like a sentry ALERT
Like stormy weather BAD
March Madness org NCAA
Morales of "NYPD Blue" ESAI
More than chubby OBESE
Nautically themed boy's outfit SAILORSUIT
NBA tiebreakers OTS
Not whispered ALOUD
Outback specialties STEAKS
Overplay on stage HAMUP
Parcel of land TRACT
Pasta tubes ZITI
Peruvian native INCAN
Picnic spoilers ANTS
Poster-hanging hardware TACK
Pre-riot state UNREST
Prefix with thermal EXO
Pretzel topping SALT
Put down, as linoleum LAID
Reed of The Velvet Underground LOU
Refuses to make changes SITSPAT
Repressed, with "up" PENT
Showroom exhibitions DISPLAYS
Snake on a pharaoh's crown ASP
Social equals PEERS
Space between things GAP
Stun gun kin TASER
Take the chance DARE
Thinly distributed SPARSE
Three-layer cookies OREOS
Thumbs-up YES
Website providing restaurant reviews YELP
Wobbly walkers TOTS
__ and bolts NUTS
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