How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jul 28 2010

"Othello" villain IAGO
"The King" of golf, to fans ARNIE
'50s campaign button name IKE
*Diversion while waiting TIMEKILLER
*Financial analyst NUMBERCRUNCHER
*Funny story RIBTICKLER
*Influential one MOVERANDSHAKER
Agitates RILES
Anti-apartheid org. ANC
Apartment manager, briefly SUPE
Appear SEEM
Art class subject VASE
Asteroids game company ATARI
Before, to Keats ERE
Betray, stoolie-style RATON
Biennial team golf competition RYDERCUP
Brat IMP
Bruce Wayne's city GOTHAM
Bulletproof vest material KEVLAR
Classic autos REOS
Classified ad abbr. BDRM
Consider responsible for OWETO
Cruise milieu SEA
Cub Scout group DEN
Demolish RUIN
Disagreeable UNINVITING
Down-yielding duck EIDER
Fires CANS
Gaelic tongue ERSE
Grand __ SLAM
Grandstand filler CROWD
Grey Goose alternative, familiarly STOLI
Halley's and Hale-Bopp COMETS
Holders of chips? POTS
Hub once known as Orchard Field OHARE
Husband and wife MATES
Icicle site EAVE
Knickknack shelf item CURIO
Like a land for dreamers? LALA
Much-followed ratings, with "the" NIELSENS
Omelet essentials EGGS
One of the Ivies PENN
Opinion opener ITHINK
Places for notes PADS
Prefix meaning "peculiar" IDIO
Prefix with surgeon NEURO
Punjab sect member SIKH
Put another way PARAPHRASE
Quarterback Manning ELI
Robert of "The Sopranos" ILER
Sandusky's lake ERIE
Seniors' D.C. lobby AARP
Slobber DROOL
Some choristers ALTI
State bordering Wash. OREG
Statement of commitment IMIN
Steak rating, and word that can precede the first words of the answers to starred clues PRIME
Stereotypical insomnia cause DRIP
Stinker Le Pew PEPE
Stocking style MESH
Stone memorial CAIRN
Strategic Chinese border river YALU
Sub __: confidentially ROSA
Symbol of strength OAK
Tach nos. RPMS
Takes badly? ROBS
Time, for example AGER
Timetable abbr. TBA
Tug trailer BARGE
Two-time Indy champ Luyendyk ARIE
Verdi's slave girl AIDA
Wee bit o' Dewar's, say DRAM
Wells's island doctor MOREAU
Where to get PIN money? ATM
XII years before the Battle of Hastings MLIV
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