How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 07 2005

"... and nothing but the truth?" response IDO
"Hud" Best Actress NEAL
"It's the cola" sloganeer PEPSI
"Jaws" omen FIN
"Ready when you are!" IMALLSET
"Release me!" LETGO
"Waking __ Devine": 1998 film NED
1982 Disney sci-fi film TRON
24-hr. financial aid ATM
Actress Teri GARR
Aerobic activity DANCE
Back-to-back move at a hoedown DOSIDO
Battery terminal ANODE
Between ports ASEA
Bounty's milieu OCEAN
Brainstorm IDEA
Broadcast AIRED
Burn but good SCALD
Cartel city CALI
Chaotic situation SNAFU
City in Yemen ADEN
Course of action PLAN
Criticizes sharply ZINGS
Declare openly AVOW
Developer's land unit LOT
Device that's sprung TRAP
Enjoy an alley BOWL
Family member NIECE
Fires AXES
Group in "Survivor" TRIBE
Gutter site EAVE
Half-moon tide NEAP
Have a bug AIL
Heats in a microwave ZAPS
Iliac opening SACRO
In knots TIED
IRA part: Abbr. ACCT
It covers the Hill CSPAN
Kind of skeleton AXIAL
La Scala site MILAN
Latest NEWS
Letting in a little air AJAR
Living room piece ENDTABLE
Lost color PALED
Lott of Mississippi TRENT
Mode lead-in ALA
Not abridged UNCUT
Object of worship IDOL
Plower's unit ACRE
Porter Goss's org. CIA
Prefix with physical META
Pro __ RATA
Relative of a widgeon TEAL
Resort town near Santa Barbara OJAI
Rhythmic pattern CADENCE
See 52-Down LAKE
Seed covering ARIL
Show stoppers? ADS
Speechify ORATE
Spin doctor's concern IMAGE
Spot in the 15-Across ISLE
Sri Lanka's capital COLOMBO
Strong wind GALE
Thus far ASYET
Tightened, as shoes LACED
Toothpaste tube cover CAP
Typo, e.g. ERROR
Ultimatum ender ELSE
Unaffiliated: Abbr. IND
Wedding reception piece CAKE
When the US Open ends SEPT
With 64-Across, Utah phenomenon SALT
World Series mo. OCT
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