How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 03 2006

"A different read on life" magazine UTNE
"Clueless" catchphrase ASIF
"Happy Days" nickname MRC
"I Ain't Marching Anymore" folk singer OCHS
"I couldn't agree more" AMENTOTHAT
"I'm sorry, Dave" speaker of sci-fi HAL
"Nature" author's monogram RWE
"Oh, and another thing," on a ltr. PPS
"Oops, almost forgot" OHYEAH
"That'll do it!" THERE
"That'll show you!" HAH
"We're __ see ..." OFFTO
"Your guess __ good ..." ISAS
Acorn's destiny OAK
Actor Milo OSHEA
Add a little ranch to, say DRESS
Adrenal ending INE
Any of six Clue cards WEAPON
Benjamin CNOTE
Brother's title FRA
Brush-off from a fading starlet's secretary? SHESONHERWAYOUT
Brush-off from a gardener's secretary? SOMETHINGCAMEUP
Brush-off from a liberal's secretary? IMAFRAIDHESLEFT
Brush-off from a publisher's secretary? SHESALLBOOKEDUP
Brush-off from a struggling chess master's secretary? HEHASNOGOODOPENINGS
Brush-off from the carpenter's secretary? HESTEPPEDOUTFORABIT
Bust unit KILO
Byron's "before" ERE
Care attachment TAKER
Charge FEE
Cold War Russians denied emigration rights REFUSENIKS
Cretaceous critter TREX
Crowd around noisily MOB
Decalogue delivery site SINAI
Delve deeply into RESEARCH
Drawers in a bar? TAPS
Dreyer's partner in ice cream EDY
Dry in a cellar SEC
Early animal handler NOAH
ESPN poker commentator Norman __ CHAD
Expenses OUTGOES
Expressed admiration OOHED
Fail to enunciate SLUR
Fertility deity EROS
Filthy funds LUCRE
Flightless bird EMU
Force wielder JEDI
Forensic concerns DNAS
Former grunt EXGI
Garr of "Mr. Mom" TERI
Gem mined mainly in Australia OPAL
General __ chicken TSOS
Get more rigid TAUTEN
Giuseppe's God DIO
Graf of tennis STEFFI
Grammar subject TENSE
Hack off LOP
Hamlet, for one DANE
Hemingway's Santiago, in the story's title OLDMAN
High style UPDO
Holiday __ INN
ICU patient's need TLC
Intense ACUTE
Ipanema's city RIO
Itt's creator, for short CHAS
Kind of engineer ELECTRICAL
Leader after Mao DENG
Legally prevent ESTOP
Lei person's greeting ALOHA
Letters on some churches AME
Like a curious eyebrow ARCHED
Like a graying ember DYING
Like a happy dog's tail AWAG
Like Cheerios OATEN
Like some desks LSHAPED
Like the letter "b," say BILABIAL
Local cinemas NABES
LP connection MNO
Metal worker? ROBOT
Minnesota's St. __ College OLAF
Misanthropic ANTISOCIAL
Model Benitez et al. ELSAS
Morse morsel DIT
Musical Redding OTIS
Mycenaean's Mother Earth GAEA
National park SE of Bangor ACADIA
New York school whose team is aptly named the Setters PACE
One nodding SLEEPYHEAD
One with all the right moves? CHESSCHAMP
Oregon highlight COAST
Other, in Oaxaca OTRA
Outburst from Sandy ARF
Outcasts LEPERS
Pigpens STIES
Play part SCENE
Please, in Potsdam BITTE
Preachers' perches PULPITS
Primarily nocturnal arthropods CENTIPEDES
Querulous WHINY
Raccoon relative COATI
Rapa __: Easter Island NUI
Raunchy LEWD
Remembers sadly RUES
Responds to a cue, maybe ENTERS
Rhode Island's "Hope," e.g. STATEMOTTO
Rouses WAKES
RR stop STA
Salinger title 13-year-old ESME
Shoot the breeze RAP
Sick ILL
Singer Sumac YMA
Snoop SPY
Some cameras, for short SLRS
Some voters: Abbr. INDS
Some were covered WAGONS
Son of Jacob ASHER
Sound asleep? SNORE
Soyuz letters CCCP
Speed up HASTEN
Spooky EERIE
Summer on the Seine ETE
They have some crust POTPIES
Trouble HASSLE
Trying to catch AFTER
TT automaker AUDI
Twain/Harte play AHSIN
Two-time N.L. batting champ Lefty ODOUL
Wafer maker NECCO
Winter nightcap COCOA
Would like to join WANTSIN
__ Majal TAJ
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