How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 09 2011

"... __ and for all!" ONCE
"Be that as __ ..." ITMAY
"Feed me," in Siamese? MEOW
"I can't believe this!" AARGH
"Proud Mary" pop gp. CCR
'90s-'00s NFL Pro Bowler Warren SAPP
*Classic chocolate treat MARSBAR
*Duplicator in an office COPYMACHINE
*Great Chicago Fire scapegoat MRSOLEARYSCOW
*Take a path of least resistance GOWITHTHEFLOW
12/24 or 12/31 EVE
18-wheelers SEMIS
Apply, as pressure EXERT
Apt. complex unit BLDG
Aptly named fruit UGLI
Army base near Petersburg, Va. FTLEE
Automaker's bane RECALL
Bank statement abbr. DEP
Big galoots APES
Biochemist's gel AGAR
Bookish type NERD
Brat IMP
Bret who wrote gold rush stories HARTE
Bull: Pref. TAUR
Canonized Fr. women STES
Champagne word BRUT
Chow mein additive MSG
Cover completely SMOTHER
Filmdom's Farrow MIA
Former boxer Ali LAILA
Fruit yielding oil OLIVE
Glass darkener TINT
Grand Coulee, for one DAM
Head-turning Turner LANA
Iraq's main port BASRA
Latin art ARS
Laundry appliance DRYER
Lead-in for skeleton EXO
Little fights TIFFS
Makes a decision OPTS
Marine salvage crew's job SHIPWRECK
Marksman's skill AIM
Mex. neighbor USA
Musician's gift EAR
Narrow cut SLIT
Nonpro sports org. AAU
Not cool, man UNHIP
Ohio rubber city AKRON
Old Norse works EDDAS
Opens, as a gate UNHOOKS
Originally called NEE
Prepare, as flour SIFT
Prickly bush BRIAR
Prog. listing SKED
Ran with ease LOPED
Rap's __ Rhymes BUSTA
Red Sox pitcher Jon LESTER
Ritual celebrating the Jews' liberation from Egyptian slavery SEDER
Seller's assurance of payment, and a hint to what the last words of the answers to starred clues can have in common CASHUPFRONT
Sewing kit item PIN
Short vodka order STOLI
Singer Vikki CARR
Some cellar contents WINES
Speakers at memorial services EULOGISTS
Spot on TV PROMO
Starts the pot ANTES
Suffix with script URE
Tampa Bay athlete, briefly BUC
The NFL's Montana and Favre, e.g. QBS
Thief-turned-sleuth Lupin ARSENE
Throws softly LOBS
Trite OLD
Uneasy feeling QUALM
Union underminer SCAB
Watchdog's warning GRR
__ Moines DES
__-wip: "real cream" brand REDDI
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