How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 08 2013

"Bingo!" AHA
"Love Story" co-star ONEAL
"Sure, go ahead!" PLEASEDO
"You __ Beautiful": Joe Cocker hit ARESO
*Flashy theatricality RAZZMATAZZ
*Folk music shindig HOOTENANNY
*Hidden hazard BOOBYTRAP
Abbr. before a date ESTD
Abdicator of 1917 TSAR
Auto leasing choice SEDAN
Belg.-based alliance NATO
Boozehounds SOTS
Bowl over STUN
Brigham Young's gp LDS
Busybody YENTA
By the __: in quantity DOZENS
Camera setting FSTOP
Can opener TAB
Cereal usually served hot FARINA
Childlike sci-fi race ELOI
City on the RhГґne LYON
Co-Nobelist Arafat YASIR
Copy editor's find TYPO
Dancer's rail BARRE
Date with a Dr APPT
David and Ricky's dad OZZIE
Do like Vassar did in 1969 GOCOED
Dressed for choir ROBED
Dressed for dreamland, briefly INPJS
Early brunch hr TENAM
Fan club focus ROCKSTAR
Fans' disapproval, and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues JEERS
Fr. religious figure STE
GI's work detail KPDUTY
Good to go READY
Hardly first-class fare SLOP
Hoists with difficulty HEFTS
Hookah, e.g PIPE
In need of liniment ACHY
Incantation opener ABRA
Insect's pair ANTENNAE
Landlocked African country CHAD
Like cardinals AVIAN
Mac messaging program ICHAT
Makes an unsound decision about? MUTES
Maugham's "The __ Edge" RAZORS
Medicinal shrubs SENNAS
Not fake REAL
Numbskull BOZO
Ones ignoring limits SPEEDERS
Parting that's bid ADIEU
Piece of farmland ACRE
Pittsburgh-to-Boston dir ENE
Places to find forks ROADS
Player with a record 14 100-RBI seasons AROD
Pomme de __: French potato TERRE
Popeye creator Segar ELZIE
Prepare for a bout SPAR
Remitted SENTIN
Right upstairs? SANE
Roulette bet NOIR
Scary squeezer BOA
Snorkeling spots ATOLLS
Soccer shower ESPN
Takes for a ride CONS
Tax cheat chaser, briefly TMAN
They may be saturated FATS
Threaded fastener TNUT
Three-time NBA scoring champ Kevin DURANT
Trivia champ's tidbit FACT
Unsteady on one's feet AREEL
Violist's clef ALTO
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