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adj - (superlative of `few' used with count noun s and usually preceded by `the') quantifier meaning the smallest in number

adj - a quantifier that can be used with count noun s and is often preceded by `a'

adj - amounting to or consisting of a small number

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Fewest might refer to
A Fenestron (sometimes alternatively referred to as a fantail or a "fan-in-fin" arrangement) is a protected tail rotor of a helicopter operating like a ducted fan. The term Fenestron is a trademark of multinational helicopter manufacturing consortium Airbus Helicopters (formerly known as Eurocopter. The word itself comes from the Occitan term for a small window, and is ultimately derived from the Latin fenestra word for window.The Fenestron differs from a conventional tail rotor by being integrally housed within the tail unit of the rotorcraft and, like the conventional tail rotor it replaces, functions to counteract the torque of the main rotor. While conventional tail rotors typically have two or four blades, Fenestrons have between eight and eighteen blades; these may have variable angular spacing so that the noise is distributed over different frequencies. By placing the fan within a duct, this results in several distinct advantages over a conventional tail rotor, such as a reduction in tip vortex losses, the potential for substantial noise reduction, while also shielding both the tail rotor itself from collision damage and ground personnel from the hazard posed by a traditional spinning rotor.It was first developed for use on an operational rotorcraft by the French company Sud Aviation (now part of Airbus Helicopters), being first adopted upon the Aérospatiale Gazelle. Since then, the company (and its successors) have installed fenestrons upon many of their helicopters. Other manufacturers have also made limited use of the Fenestron on some of their own products, including the American aerospace corporation Boeing, the Russian rotorcraft manufacturer Kamov, and Japanese conglomerate Kawasaki Heavy Industries.
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