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verb - smile radiantly

verb - emit light

verb - express with a beaming face or smile


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
Shining brightly, like a big smile
Possible Dictionary Clues
used to describe a smile that is very wide and happy, or someone who is smiling in this way:
smiling broadly grinning.
Smiling broadly grinning.
Smilingly happy showing happy emotion.
Present participle of beam.
pleased and proud
radiating or as if radiating light
cheerful and bright
Beaming description
Relativistic beaming (also known as Doppler beaming, Doppler boosting, or the headlight effect) is the process by which relativistic effects modify the apparent luminosity of emitting matter that is moving at speeds close to the speed of light. In an astronomical context, relativistic beaming commonly occurs in two oppositely-directed relativistic jets of plasma that originate from a central compact object that is accreting matter. Accreting compact objects and relativistic jets are invoked to explain the following observed phenomena: x-ray binaries, gamma-ray bursts, and, on a much larger scale, active galactic nuclei (AGN). (Quasars are also associated with an accreting compact object, but are thought to be merely a particular variety of AGN.)
* Beaming (short for relativistic beaming) affects the apparent brightness of a moving object just as a lighthouse affects the appearance of its light source: the light source appears dim or unseen to a ship except when the rotating lighthouse
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