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Welcome to Anagrammer™ 1.0!
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This is the original Anagrammer engine which we created in 2003. We recommend that you check out Anagrammer 2.0, to see if it suits your needs better. It is faster & much smarter.

Do you still prefer using the 1.0 version on this page? Please click on the FEEDBACK button and tell us why. We are always looking to improve Anagrammer and would love to hear from you. Here are the other anagrammers we have:

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Since 2003 we have been generating words using our sophisticated engine. Whether you are a professional scrabble/word game player or a new player, you can considerably fine-tune your skills using anagrammer.

The purpose of our anagram unscrambler is to find all of the words that can be formed from a given set of letters (up to 16) and ? (wild) character(s), and determine their scrabble scores. The results can be sorted either by length or by scrabble score.