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White House5 answersColonial America4 answersNumber Please8 answersBen Franklin5 answersWorld Of Fashion8 answersColorful Geography3 answersGrammar6 answersFictional Detectives8 answersHot Spots6 answersThe Radio5 answersAncient Greece4 answersTrains7 answersThe 1960s5 answersSix-Letter Words8 answersThe Sport Of Kings5 answersAstronomy4 answersAnimals On Film7 answersGlass6 answersWorld Geography7 answersU.S. Senate8 answersSherlock Holmes3 answersWords Containing Colors5 answersWashington D.C.5 answersBig Band Leaders5 answersHats4 answersHotel Names7 answersShow Business5 answersEdgar Allen Poe5 answers"In" Crowd4 answersBotany7 answersEngland3 answersHuman Vision3 answersSouth America7 answersOdd Jobs6 answersKing Arthur8 answersElections4 answersGolf6 answersMammals7 answersSpanish History6 answersStarts With "B"5 answers
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