How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Sep 13 2016

'Chappie' star ___ Patel DEV
'Do the Right Thing' actor Davis OSSIE
'Get the picture?' DIG
'Let It Go' singer Menzel IDINA
'Sorry, but I'm skipping your novella of an article,' in Internet shorthand TLDR
'The Grapes of Wrath' extra who's extra-sweet? SUGAROKIE
'This Is Us' network NBC
'We'll tak a ___ kindness ... ': Robert Burns CUPO
'Whatever' reaction MEH
'Your Moment of ___' ('The Daily Show' feature) ZEN
1990s GM model GEO
2002, in film credits MMII
2006 movie set in Georgia ATL
2006 Winter Olympics city TURIN
Another of the five W's WHY
Anti-smoking ad, e.g PSA
Art study subj ANAT
Australia's ___ Beach BONDI
Beehive State college athlete UTE
Big steps for young companies, for short IPOS
Box spring supporters SLATS
Carnivore's diet MEAT
Co. that introduced Dungeons & Dragons TSR
Costar of Bea, Estelle, and Betty RUE
Dam site on the Nile ASWAN
Dart in one direction ZIG
Dastardly EVIL
Devices that capture audio of fight scenes? ACTIONMICS
Dieter's measurement CALORIE
Distress signal that's also palindromic in Morse code SOS
Drug that can cause flashbacks LSD
Engine knocks PINGS
Eyelashes, anatomically CILIA
Favorable response to weather, say ITSNICE
Fly fisherman's fly LURE
Francis-can, these days? PAPAL
Frittata necessity EGG
Greek vowels ETAS
Hand sanitizer targets GERMS
Hard to capture EELY
Highway center strip that's always been loyal and trustworthy? STANDUPMEDIAN
Home delivery of frozen drugs? THEICEMANMETH
IBM's color BLUE
Joule fragment ERG
Kaplan of 'Welcome Back, Kotter' GABE
Kimono accessory OBI
Light purple shade LILAC
Mil. absentee AWOL
Movie snippet SCENE
New Look fashion designer DIOR
NFL Network anchor Rich EISEN
NHL All-Star Jaromir JAGR
Nonproductive IDLE
One of the five W's WHEN
One way to carry coffee to work TRAVELMUG
Palindromic 2015 Chris Brown song PUTITUP
Plantar fasciitis affects it HEEL
Princess in the Comedy Central series 'Drawn Together' CLARA
Quebecoise girlfriend AMIE
Reed or Rawls LOU
Rival of Aetna CIGNA
Round-ending sound BELL
Satirist's specialty WIT
Schubert's '___ Maria' AVE
Served like sashimi RAW
Snake River Plain locale IDAHO
Some cosmetic surgeries, for short LIPOS
Some scans, for short CTS
Spot in the sea ISLE
The Frito ___ (old ad mascot) BANDITO
Trainee's excuse IMNEW
What 7-Down and yellow do MAKEGREEN
What people throw their four-color 1980s electronic games down? SIMONWELL
Where many seaside tourist pictures are taken? PHOTOPIERS
WWE wrestler John CENA
___ d'art OBJET
___ Tech (for-profit school that shut down in 2016) ITT
___, Inc. ('Funkytown' band) LIPPS
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