How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Nov 22 2005

"...can ___ long way" GOA
"As seen on TV" rotating hair styler REVO
"Gotcha" AHA
"Rhinestone Cowboy" singer Campbell GLEN
"Romeo and Juliet" word that actually means "why" WHEREFORE
"The crows seemed to be calling his name, thought ___" (one of Jack Handey's "Deep Thoughts") CAW
"___ done it!" WEVE
1991 Jeff Daniels movie, or a 1976 hit song for Nazareth LOVEHURTS
Ain't right? ISNT
Air, as one's opinion VOICE
Animal that sounds young GNU
Appraise anew REVALUE
Ban variety ROLLON
Bass product PALEALE
Bathrobe holder SASH
Billy Crystal impersonated him on "SNL" SAMMYDAVISJR
Bob or Roberta NAME
Brilliance ECLAT
Caramel candy brand ROLO
Caught ___ act INTHE
David Sedaris's sister AMY
Dispense gossip DISH
Does an e-mail job SENDS
Does an e-mail job DELETES
Feed format used in blogs RSS
Fertility clinic stock OVA
Find one's spine GROWAPAIR
H.S. exam PSAT
He often jumped into the General Lee BODUKE
Highly accurate DEADON
Infomercial, usually PAIDAD
It may be enticed with a curled finger KITTY
It may leave a print on the beach SANDAL
Laundry worker IRONER
Like some walks on the beach MOONLIT
Little blob DAB
Lofty poem ODE
Macy Gray's first hit ITRY
McCarthy, for one ERA
Olympics chant USA
Online gamer, e.g. USER
Orange-yellow shades AMBERS
Part of Vince Neil's band CRUE
Past the shore INLAND
Perfumery selections AROMAS
Practice with four sharps ESCALE
Product advertised on TV with the phrase "not-so-fresh feeling" DOUCHE
Quiet request PUTASOCKINIT
Readier to pick RIPER
Reagan's "Star Wars," for short SDI
Really got into DUG
Record silence over ERASE
River through Arles RHONE
Saxman Stan GETZ
Scary spot in "Hansel and Gretel" OVEN
Shoe width EEE
Site with a butler ASKJEEVES
Star of HBO's canceled "Carnivale" ADRIENNEBARBEAU
Suffix for "opal" INE
Tha ___ Pound (Kurupt's group) DOGG
They always get the shaft ELEVATORS
Treble or bass CLEF
TV series with Scott Baio as a doctor DIAGNOSISMURDER
Two-___ (old kind of motion picture) REELER
Unit for modern processors GHZ
Verse introduction? UNI
Washington b-baller, once BULLET
Without principles to stand for CAUSELESS
Word after sex or riot ACT
Zilch NONE
___ quam videri (North Carolina's motto) ESSE
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