How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' May 21 2019

'Dark Side of the Moon' album image prism
'Deep Space Nine' security officer odo
'Epic ___ Battles of History' rap
'Let's shake on that' itsadeal
'Messenger' material rna
'Par ___' (airmail stamp) avion
'Puppy Love' songwriter Paul anka
'Saw that coming' ifigured
'Sit, ___, sit. Good dog' ('80s TV vanity card) ubu
'The Raven' poet poe
'___ Shot' (2019 Seth Rogen movie) long
1099-___ (annual tax form from the bank) int
1996 Dream Team nickname shaq
Ancient Greek marketplaces agoras
Arthouse film, probably indie
Author Harper lee
Aviary abodes nests
Basketball game site arena
Campfire remains ash
Card game that sounds like an ancient ruler faro
Change course suddenly veer
Competent able
Country with a red-and-white flag peru
Designation at some meat markets halal
Dessert that may include molasses pecanpie
Dialect spoken by nearly a billion people mandarin
Dr Pepper rival renamed in 2001 mrpibb
E pluribus ___ unum
Each apop
Ecuadoran province once famous for its gold eloro
Egyptian-born children's singer raffi
Eurovision Song Contest 2019 host israel
Fill in ___ blank the
Friars Club functions roasts
Gerund finish ing
Goblet's edge rim
Guitarist/songwriter for System of a Down and Scars on Broadway daronmalakian
Hearty drink quaff
Herpetologist's study snake
Hit from 'Thriller' beatit
Info page on many sites faq
Internet connection need modem
It makes up half the riffraff? efs
Jagger, to the Stones, e.g frontman
Legendary producer of 'Charlie's Angels' and '7th Heaven' aaronspelling
Loosen your boots unlace
Make a tunnel bore
New York county near Pennsylvania (or Pennsylvania county near New York) tioga
Notion, in France idee
O'Rourke who's running for president beto
Orson Welles's 'Citizen ___' kane
Ouija board reply yes
Outworn old
Pay attention to mind
Pen name? bic
Period to remember era
Pub. staffers eds
Renaissance Faire org sca
Rho preceders pis
Rule, briefly reg
Site of a pit crew? coalmine
Somewhat seasick queasy
Spring setting spa
Star of 'An American in Paris' and 'Gigi' lesliecaron
Sushi form roll
Take home pay earn
Taken-back merchandise repo
Talks gibberish rants
Tarot character fool
The Big ___ ('Chantilly Lace' singer) bopper
They account for taste senses
Three-time World Series of Poker winner Stu ungar
Tiny pellets bbs
Unruly bunch mob
Video game designer Sid who created the 'Civilization' series meier
Wasabi-coated veggie pea
Washington Post editor portrayed by Liev Schreiber in 'Spotlight' martinbaron
Window coverings blinds
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