How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' May 11 2010

"A life," to Lemaitre UNEVIE
"Alice's Restaurant" singer Guthrie ARLO
"All Things Considered" reporter Shapiro ARI
"I really appreciate that," while texting TVM
"I'm Your Man" subject Leonard COHEN
"Let's Make ___" ADEAL
"Now I get it!" AHA
"Shucks" GEEWHIZ
"The ___ Love" (R.E.M. song) ONEI
"___ hesitates is lost" HEWHO
1900, way before 1900? MCM
Actor/dancer/singer Ben VEREEN
Actress Ward SELA
All tied up EVEN
Be delinquent OWE
Camping gear co. REI
Chest-related prank with a more posh color option? VIOLETNURPLE
Chuck who told viewers he'd "be back in two and two" WOOLERY
City far from L.A., CA NYNY
City in Spain's Basque Country BILBAO
Combo punch ONETWO
Correspondence course for fix-it types, once VCRREPAIR
Day for egg rolls EASTER
Dignified version of a punch-to-the-leg prank? CHARLESHORSE
Dog the Bounty Hunter's real first name DUANE
Dot follower, in some e-mail addresses MIL
Early ___ (technology fan, often) ADOPTER
Ending for general or marginal IZE
European rocket series ARIANE
Fail to get any better FEELWORSE
Fast-moving ball game JAIALAI
Federal performance funder, for short NEA
Fish in a Pixar pic NEMO
Food company named for two states OREIDA
Former Israeli prime minister Olmert EHUD
Fortune teller's opener ISEE
Georgia used to be part of it USSR
Head female MATRON
Hit by The Kinks LOLA
Horror legend Chaney LON
It gets opened before some speeches ENVELOPE
It may start to show AGE
Italian basso Pinza EZIO
Items pointed to from afar THOSE
Leather punching tool AWL
Like, totally awesome RAD
Make some noise in bed SNORE
More formal version of an ear-related prank? WETWILLIAM
Multigenerational baseball surname ALOU
Obvious winner SHOOIN
One of Mars' moons DEIMOS
One of the deadly sins ENVY
Org. that puts on shows for the military USO
Out of commission ILL
Oxford heads DONS
Painter Chagall MARC
Pearl City's island OAHU
Plant with fronds FERN
Playboy boss HEF
Puts under SEDATES
Restaurant with shellfish RAWBAR
Ringside org. WBA
Rockin' out JAMMIN
Room at the top? LOFT
Rubbish ROT
Small farm size ACRE
Title role for Renee Zellweger IRENE
Version of a punching prank for a more refined palate? HERTZTORTE
Walk a beat PATROL
Way to look at things, for short POV
Where rodents enter walls RATHOLES
Where van Gogh painted ARLES
Winnebago occupant RVER
Wonderstruck INAWE
___ tai MAI
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