How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Jul 15 2014

'First Lady of Song' Fitzgerald ELLA
'Glee' network FOX
'He's ___ among men...' AGOD
'Once ___ a midnight dreary...' UPON
'Saving Private Ryan' craft, for short LST
'Stop trying to imitate the best boxer of all time!' YOULLNEVERBEALI
'Voices Carry' group ___ Tuesday TIL
'Would ___ to you?' ILIE
'___ Miserables' LES
2010 Apple arrival IPAD
33 1/3, for an LP RPM
Activist/playwright Clare Boothe ___ LUCE
Add fizz to AERATE
Agree with, as a sentiment ECHO
Annual MTV bestowal, for short VMA
Annul, as a law REPEAL
Avril Lavigne's take on an Elton John song? DANIELBOI
Bag brand ZIPLOC
Barrett of the original Pink Floyd SYD
Big primate APE
Brawl site BARROOM
Capital founded in 1535 LIMA
Capital of Taiwan TAIPEI
Cheer heard a lot at World Cup 2014 OLE
Christopher of 'Law and Order: SVU' MELONI
Crocheted footwear for infants BOOTEES
Decidedly unhip LAME
Diner order BLT
Drink too much TOPE
Elaborate architectural style ROCOCO
Emanate EMIT
First-aid boxes KITS
Fit for farming ARABLE
Fixes, as a fight RIGS
Flower necklace given by an environmental group? SIERRALEI
Freudian topic PSYCHE
Fruit in the lyrics to 'Portland, Oregon' SLOE
Gets the idea SEES
Golf bag item CLUB
Great ___ PLAINS
Gym teacher's deg. (hey, it even has the class in its name) BPE
Hayride seat BALE
Hide from the cops HOLEUP
Knitter's ball YARN
Like many a gen. or maj RET
Magazine staff members EDITORS
Nittany Lions all-time leader in touchdowns ___ Clark DARYLL
Oranges, reds and golds, in fashion terms FALLTONES
Packs away STOWS
Prefix that follows giga, tera and peta EXA
Question for someone who's already written 'beta' and 'kappa'? CANYOUGETTHEPHI
Reproach about jumping ahead in line NOCUTS
Result of a punch FATLIP
Rogen unwelcome in North Korea SETH
Rug cleaner, briefly VAC
Satellite launched 10/4/57 SPUTNIK
Screens in a computer lab MONITORS
Seductive guys LOTHARIOS
Show that you like the show CLAP
Simba's mother, in 'The Lion King' SARABI
Simple signatures XES
Singing program, to fans IDOL
Sky blue AZURE
Some fountain drinks COKES
They drop the bass DJS
Trick ending? ERY
Unremarkable place ANYTOWN
What a celebrity may use to sign in at a hotel FAKENAME
What internet trolls may spew VITRIOL
Word after shopping or crime SPREE
Words after 'loose as' or 'silly as' AGOOSE
___ Mahal TAJ
___! All Berries (Cap'n Crunch variety) OOPS
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