How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Jul 15 2008

"As far across as my hands are apart" THISBIG
"Famous" cookie guy AMOS
"Like ___ not..." ITOR
"Miss Match" TV actress Silverstone ALICIA
"South Park" co-creator Parker TREY
"___ daisy!" OOPSIE
3-pointers: abbr. FGS
554, in Roman numerals DLIV
A/C measurement BTU
Actor Del Toro of "The Usual Suspects" BENICIO
Actress Skye IONE
Address that includes http URL
Answers, as questions FIELDS
Architect Saarinen ELIEL
Blot MAR
Bounce back again, like a sound REECHO
Bread with tandoori chicken NAN
Cat-eating creature ALF
City where Stradivarius made violins CREMONA
Coke alternative RCCOLA
Collette or Braxton TONI
Commotion UPROAR
Corrosive stuff from the sky* ACIDRAIN
Country singer David Allan ___ COE
Desire bigtime WANT
Eduardo's eyes OJOS
Farm bale HAY
Frontier guns MUSKETS
Game pieces MEN
Hogan's "American Gladiators" co-host ALI
Homer Simpson's dad ABE
I can come after these EFGH
Inconsequential TRIVIAL
Insects in a biblical plague* LOCUSTS
It's eaten up, so to speak* AIRLINEFOOD
It's walked on, in an Annie Lennox song* BROKENGLASS
Jaw-dropping feeling AWE
Jersey squad NETS
Kong, for one APE
Load of crap LIE
Main point THESIS
Make a misstep ERR
Massage parlor noises AAHS
Never, in German NIE
Nothing NIL
Open a little AJAR
Pete and Julie's cohort on "The Mod Squad" LINC
Peter who voiced Anton Ego in "Ratatouille" OTOOLE
Pipe with a 90-degree angle ELL
Plain houses? TEEPEES
Practice punching SPAR
Prefix with "fix" (!) PRE
Prison name chanted in "Dog Day Afternoon" ATTICA
Reign ERAS
Romance novelist Roberts NORA
Santa ___ winds ANA
SAT for big kids GRE
Scientific tendency toward chaos* ENTROPY
Scored perfectly ACED
Sea between Italy and Greece IONIAN
Some kitchen ranges GES
Suffix after employ EES
Taiwan, once FORMOSA
Traffic snarl* GRIDLOCK
Tree nymphs, in Greek mythology DRYADS
Type of computer room, in some schools MACLAB
Unable to walk the walk ALLTALK
Viet ___ CONG
Waco org. ATF
Wall: Fr. MUR
Warning notice ALERT
Yogurt topper LID
___ Mujeres, Mexico ISLA
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