How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Jan 29 2019

'Electra Woman and ___ Girl' ('70s series) dyna
'Elementary' star Lucy liu
'Fight Club' chemical lye
'Let me sleep ___' onit
'Seize the day' acronym yolo
'Starpeace' musician Yoko ono
'Toy Story' boy andy
'Woohoo!' yay
'You may say ___ dreamer' ima
'Your point being...?' and
Ability that may be just lucky guessing esp
Active volcano in Sicily mtetna
Actress Meyer dina
Air beyond the clouds ether
Aptly titled 1999 debut album (and genre) for Eiffel 65 europop
Assents yesses
Augments addsto
Bit of rain droplet
Bored response snore
Bosc center core
Brick-and-mortar operation store
Carne ___ asada
Cereal mascot since 1963 toucansam
Clapton or Idle eric
Condensed, as a pocket dict abr
Currency exchange fee agio
Earn the crown win
Escapes slipsaway
Female sheep ewe
Fictitious nursery rhyme writer mothergoose
Follows directions obeys
Full of fruit, like some doughnuts jammy
Fully satisfy sate
Gear parts cogs
Get to work? commute
Gina of 'Cocktail' and 'Showgirls' gershon
Gold, to Cortés oro
Handled farm tool hoe
Haphazard reckless
Kind of abit
King Minos' daughter who aided Theseus ariadne
Laredo-to-Galveston dir ene
Like some doughnuts mapleglazed
Lit ignited
Make happy cheerup
Mandibles jawbones
Mice, to owls prey
Moray, e.g eel
Nabisco brand ritz
NBA legend ___ Ming yao
Nevertheless yet
NYC's ___ Hammarskjöld Plaza dag
Opens, as a lock unbolts
Pedal next to the brake gas
Place with memberships gym
Pound of poetry books ezra
Prefix for liberal or conservative neo
Pugilist's stats kos
Push for urge
Q-Tip ends swabs
Reddit Q&A feature ama
Regular breakfast choice? bran
Round figure? bartab
Senior suit ceo
Snug as ___ .. abug
Stop-and-___ (some landings) gos
Stuns, in a way tases
Swirly marble agate
Take in eat
Tappan ___ Bridge (span demolished in January 2019) zee
Thanks, to Tomás muchasgracias
They're unnamed until the end, on some game shows mysteryguests
Towelettes wipes
Ultra-wide shoe width eee
Wolf's intended victims, in a story pigs
___'s razor (logical principle) occam
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