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Jonesin' Jan 26 2010

"Burn Notice" channel USA
"Disgusting!" GROSS
"Great Expectations" boy PIP
"Siddhartha" author HESSE
"Sk8er ___" (Avril Lavigne hit) BOI
"Tarnsman of ___" (sci-fi book that launched an ongoing series) GOR
"The Dude ___" ("The Big Lebowski" line) ABIDES
"Up in ___" (Cheech & Chong movie) SMOKE
"Yabba ___ doo!" DABBA
"___ Trippin' " (2008 Snoop Dogg album) EGO
5th or Mad., e.g. AVE
Actor Stephen of "V for Vendetta" REA
Anti-___ hand soap BAC
Automated programs that send junk e-mail SPAMBOTS
Bad sounds from the house HISSES
Begins to like, with "to" WARMS
Bruins great Bobby ORR
Carnival food, as you might as well call it? COTTONSUGAR
Chomper with a peachy hue? ORANGEGATOR
Code of silence in Puzo novels OMERTA
Damascus's country: abbr. SYR
Derringer, e.g. GUN
Detector detection, ostensibly LIE
East, in Germany OST
Eerie glows AURAS
European designer's monogram YSL
Far from the city RURAL
Flour mixture used to thicken soup ROUX
Flower given on Mother's Day, perhaps? HOLIDAYROSE
French automaker currently allied with Nissan RENAULT
George of "Cheers" WENDT
Get ready for a bodybuilders' competition OILUP
Gives it a "go"? OKAYS
Gives refuge to HARBORS
Go straight to the courthouse to wed, perhaps ELOPE
Harley Davidson's stock ticker symbol, appropriately HOG
High on the ganja STONED
His 1960 best-seller had only 50 different words SEUSS
House of Commons figs. MPS
In support of FOR
Indignation IRE
It goes with you after a sneeze? BLESS
It's for scribbling MEMOPAD
Kama ___ SUTRA
Lanchester of "Bride of Frankenstein" ELSA
Let the moon show? DROPTROU
Location in "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" UPABOVE
Ltr. holder ENV
Math class with equations: abbr. ALG
Michael Jackson video set in a pool hall BEATIT
Motel postings RATES
Nervy quality EDGINESS
Newscast segment SPORTS
Palindromic precious metal in Panama ORO
Party in San Antonio? ALAMOFIESTA
Pitt who played Benjamin Button BRAD
Play opener ACTONE
Put an embargo on BAN
Ring org. with a "Minimumweight" category (less than 105 pounds) WBA
Roll-on places ARMPITS
Sales agt. REP
Sarah Palin et al.? ROGUES
Sound covering an expletive BLEEP
Speak to one's countrymen ORATE
State at the "Heart of Dixie" ALABAMA
Stunted end NUB
Sweat big-time over something HAVEACOW
Tarzan raiser APE
Tater ___ (lunchroom nugget) TOT
The end of studying? OLOGY
The whole shootin' match ALL
The ___-Bol man (classic TV ad character) TYD
They're usually cut thin at the deli LOXES
Throat bacteria, for short STREP
___ impasse ATAN
___ Speedwagon REO
___-Locka, Florida OPA
___-tzu (Chinese philosopher) LAO
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