How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Jan 16 2018

'Freak on a Leash' band korn
'Free Willy' whale orca
'Give it up!' (or what the theme answers do) droptheact
'Lady Bird' writer-director Gerwig greta
'May ___ now?' igo
'Rebel Without a Cause' costar Sal mineo
'Superman' archvillain Luthor lex
'The Dark Knight' trilogy director nolan
'Westworld' network hbo
Abate letup
Abbr. on military mail apo
Abu Dhabi leader, for instance emir
Anticipating a little devil? bracingforimp
Antioxidant-rich berry acai
Auction off sell
Barbecue rod spit
Big bother ado
Caffeine-containing nut kola
Chain that sells a lot of cups starbucks
Clock face dial
Confirmation ___ bias
Contacts online, for short ims
Copper coating patina
Covers with turf sods
Cultural leader? agri
Exterior finish for some houses stucco
Flow's counterpart ebb
Furor ire
Gardener's purchase soil
Gym fixture treadmill
Hanging around, being a particle, losing its charge, catching up on reading, etc.? plansofion
Heavy metal's Mötley ___ crue
How some rooms are lit dimly
Hyphenated descriptor for a repairperson fixit
In a self-satisfied way, maybe proudly
Iroquois League nation seneca
Kazakhstan border 'Sea' that's really a lake aral
Kidney-related renal
Leachman of 'Young Frankenstein' cloris
Like some histories oral
Lip balm ingredient aloe
Little bite nip
Look forward to expect
Make Kool-Aid stir
March Madness gp ncaa
May honoree mom
Muse, for one trio
NATO phonetic alphabet letter after Oscar papa
Nonexistent grades like 'G+'? alternativefs
Not-so-subtle promos plugs
Palme ___ (Cannes Film Festival prize) dor
Phenomenal performers dynamos
Photos, slangily pix
Pick-me-up lift
Piece of property asset
Pulitzer-winning novelist Alison lurie
Racecar driver Luyendyk whose son is currently 'The Bachelor' arie
Recurrent theme motif
Russian ruler, before 1917 tsar
Satisfied sounds aahs
Sheep sounds baas
Shrek or Fiona, e.g ogre
Soundstage equipment that hangs high boommike
Spellbind enthrall
Spiced tea beverage chai
Streisand title role of 1983 yentl
Sumptuous lavish
Take out cut
Tennis player Wawrinka stan
Time periods spans
Trivia contest locales pubs
Water filter brand name brita
Web addresses urls
Went over like ___ balloon alead
___ Aviv, Israel tel
___ Tuesday ('Voices Carry' group) til
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