How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Jan 08 2008

"But ___ Cheerleader" (1999 movie with RuPaul) IMA
"Hannah Montana" star Miley CYRUS
"In the Valley of ___" (2007 Tommy Lee Jones film) ELAH
"Interview" actress Miller SIENNA
"Mortal ___" KOMBAT
"No way I'm believing that!" MYEYE
"Now we'll see how tough you are!" ITSON
"___ for Outlaw" (1999 mystery novel) OIS
"___ of Two Cities" ATALE
2003 Will Ferrell movie ELF
American ___ (U.S. territory) SAMOA
Amy of "Enchanted" ADAMS
Bad lighting? ARSON
Barefoot UNSHOD
Big-budget movies, often EPICS
Black Uhuru's genre REGGAE
Cancelled 2007 CBS dramedy that "comes close" to being "the worst show in the history of television," according to the New York Times VIVALAUGHLIN
Carne ___ steak (Taco Bell option) ASADA
Conservative opener NEO
Course standard PAR
Cream of the crop ELITE
Criminal's bank job HEIST
Dander IRE
Dr. J's former league ABA
Dull pain ACHE
En ___ MASSE
Enclosed aerial walk SKYWAY
English muffin displacer BAGEL
Except that UNLESS
Faith centered in Haifa BAHAI
Fulfill a debt REPAY
Get across CONVEY
Greek goddess of the Earth GAIA
Greek letter T TAU
H.H. Munro's pen name SAKI
He of three sixes SATAN
How a fun time may be had BYALL
Hybrid fashion item named one of People.com's "2007 Worst Trends" SUSPENDERSHORTS
Idiot boxes TVS
It comes from your butt? ASH
Jason of the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie LEE
Key that helps you exit ESC
Make happy AMUSE
Mentalist Geller URI
Metroid platform, for short NES
Movie studio city, in Variety headline shorthand HWOOD
Narcissistic quality EGO
Nav. rank ADM
One of the "Ten Worst Automobiles of 2007" as ranked by thetruthaboutcars.com SATURNION
Org. that assigns numerical IDs SSA
Pharmaceutical output PILLS
Place to crash on campus DORM
Presidential also-ran Stevenson ADLAI
Punta del ___, Uruguay ESTE
Red carpet clothing DRESS
Rusty the bailiff's judge WAPNER
Sequel that made The Onion A.V. Club's "Worst Movies of 2007" list, with a rare "F" grade DADDYDAYCAMP
Shining AGLOW
Simple question type YESNO
Skipped the restaurant ATEIN
Some college degs. BAS
Soulja Boy song on many "Worst of 2007" lists, despite hitting #1 CRANKTHAT
Spine-tingling EERIE
Squish down SMOOSH
Stiller's comedy partner MEARA
Strong winds GALES
Subtlety NUANCE
Tennis star Kournikova ANNA
The Snoopy ___-Cone Machine SNO
Unwelcome veggie in your TV dinner's dessert compartment PEA
Wilbur was his owner MRED
Wind dir. ENE
Words before "glance" ATA
___ God ACTOF
___-Magnon man CRO
___-pitch softball SLO
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