How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Feb 10 2011

'Guarding ___' (Shirley MacLaine movie) TESS
'It's ___ to the finish...' ARACE
'Mayberry ___' RFD
'That ___ true!' ISSO
'The Simpsons' villain who changes during October and November? HANKLIBRA
'Trading Spaces' network TLC
'___ kleine Nachtmusik' EINE
Actress Thompson LEA
Adjective describing the Addams Family OOKY
Alert system in action movies DEFCON
Angelina Jolie made-for-TV movie GIA
Ankle-___ BITER
Arthur of 'The Golden Girls' BEA
Bedroom comedy, often FARCE
Beverage option on Southern menus SWEETTEA
Birds that look sorta like penguins AUKS
Bob who won the 1986 PGA Championship TWAY
Boisterous laugh syllable HAR
Boy band with the 2001 hit 'Every Other Time' LFO
Break down GOKAPUT
Cactus bumps AREOLES
Came down with HAD
Camp in the great outdoors ROUGHIT
Cleveland residents, for instance OHIOANS
Clothing catalog JCREW
Code hidden in a bar code SKU
Coming from either end, so to speak POLAR
Course code for studying Freud, perhaps PSY
Currency exchange figures, often EUROS
Dakota, once: abbr. TERR
Domestic car model which changes during April and May? FORDARIES
Dublin's country, locally EIRE
Early pope called 'The Great' LEOI
Fashion designer Marc JACOBS
Film star who changes during July and August? CANCERDICAPRIO
Former outfielder Moises ALOU
From Qazvin, e.g. IRANIAN
Game where you create people, with 'The' SIMS
Gets hitched MARRIES
Hawkins of school dances SADIE
Hulu offering RERUN
ID on a 1040 SSN
It gets threshed GRAIN
Jazz singer Carmen MCRAE
Like some generals: abbr. RETD
Like two peas in ___ APOD
LP option SIDE
Mess up completely RUIN
Minor boo-boos SCRAPES
More hip EDGIER
Morphine or codeine OPIATE
Mr. ___ (con man on 'Green Acres') HANEY
New 13th zodiac sign that would cause all these changes (if astrologers took it seriously) OPHIUCHUS
Nintendo 'diagnosis' WIIITIS
Not silicone REAL
Peeves IRKS
Pensioner's qualifier OLDAGE
Pilgrim's destination MECCA
Pompous asset? EGO
React to acid TRIP
Roulette picks: abbr. NOS
Skeezy district type REDLIGHT
Smelted stuff ORE
Sound that triggers 'Gesundheit' ACHOO
Spam, most often ADS
Suffix after Rock or Raisin ETTE
Taj Mahal's locale AGRA
Texted exclamation OMG
Thingamawhatsis DOODAD
Toady's response YES
Tommy Hilfiger's New York birth city ELMIRA
With 'The,' 'Hair' song that changes during January and February? AGEOFCAPRICORN
Word before shot or knot GRANNY
___-Magnon man CRO
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