How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Feb 06 2018

'411' info
'Bear' that's not a bear panda
'Fancy meeting you here!' ohhi
'Fiddler on the Roof' protagonist tevye
'Gimme,' in more words ineedit
'Grrr!' immad
'It comes ___ surprise ...' asno
'Le Misanthrope' playwright moliere
'Lord of the Rings' actor Sean astin
'The Tonight Show' house band, with 'The' roots
'___ Kalikimaka' (Bing Crosby holiday song) mele
Abrasive stones pumices
Amount of a minor shock onevolt
Apartment that's owned condo
Armour's Spam rival treet
Assessment that may determine how well you work with others personalitytest
Badminton divider net
Barnyard noise oink
Big meals repasts
Caption seen early in an alphabet book, maybe cisforcat
Completely avoid, with 'of' steerclear
Council committee
Detergent containers that I shouldn't have to tell you never to eat pods
E-file agency irs
Early Baseball Hall-of-Famer Edd roush
Early start? pre
Egg containers cartons
Exclamation akin to 'Eureka!' ivedoneit
Fallen for takento
Fathered sired
Fathom, e.g unit
Film composer Morricone ennio
First name on Mount Rushmore abraham
Food involved in 'typewriter eating,' according to tvtropes.org earofcorn
Frazzle unnerve
Freeloaders mooches
Fuel-efficient vehicle smartcar
Give permission consent
Glance of contempt sideeye
In a way ofsorts
J.D. Salinger title character esme
Jazz trumpeter Ziggy elman
Kitchen appliance brand amana
Like ___ in the headlights adeer
Lovingly, in music amoroso
Mail delivery site? slot
Mythological weeper niobe
NASDAQ newcomers ipos
Oil additive letters stp
Oprah's longtime partner Graham stedman
Played terribly stank
Reason for news to interrupt regular programming specialbulletin
Relating to coins or currency numismatic
Restricted, one way onadiet
Roam (about) traipse
Rowan Atkinson's 'Mr.' character bean
Some capts.-to-be lts
Sound of lament sob
They hold onto everything hoarders
Thorny problem dilemma
Tiny organism microbe
Tooth component dentine
TV weatherman Al roker
___ May Clampett ('Beverly Hillbillies' daughter) elly
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