How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Dec 30 2008

"Are You All ___?" (Cab Calloway song) REET
"Seize ___!" (villain's cry) THEM
"The Facts of Life" actress RAE
"Understood" ISEE
"Until next time," in instant messages TTYL
"W." director Oliver STONE
"Will you quit already?" STOPIT
"___ get this party started!" LETS
2003 bestseller by Christopher Paolini ERAGON
Actress Gretchen MOL
Actress Sobieski of "Eyes Wide Shut" LEELEE
Avian ___ FLU
Bibliographic abbr. ETAL
Big fat mouth TRAP
Building annex ELL
Business presentation holders EASELS
California airport, on luggage tags SFO
Concept embodying yin and yang TAO
Consumer protection org. BBB
Deadly snake with venom 16 times more potent than a cobra KRAIT
Fill to excess SATE
Gambler's claim to beating the odds SYSTEM
Get out of shape? MUTATE
Golfer Ernie ELS
Gyro meat LAMB
Handed-down history LORE
He did it! (in blameworthy situations) THEDOG
He did it! (in certain novels) THEBUTLER
He did it...his way! (in song) SINATRA
He speculated if he did it! (in a 2007 book) OJSIMPSON
Hedonist of sorts SYBARITE
Hit with snowballs PELT
Humongous books TOMES
Impersonator APER
In-basket stamp: Abbr. RECD
Interweave ENMESH
It'll grow on you HAIR
It's soft in the head PALATE
John Kerry's wife TERESA
King of France ROI
Letter before iota THETA
Loud weather phenomenon, as shortened in weather reports TSTORM
Lusty look LEER
Meadow mom DOE
Memphis-to-Nashville dir. ENE
Miss, in Mexico SENORITA
Momentarily INASEC
Newman's Own competitor RAGU
Opposite of ecto- ENDO
Peak in Greek myth OSSA
Pitcher Chin-hui TSAO
Place to put your idols PEDESTAL
Quaint outburst EGAD
Radius and ulna, for example ARMBONES
Replaceable shoe part HEEL
She did it again! (in pop music) BRITNEY
She does...them? (on film) DEBBIE
Shot to the forehead? BOTOX
Sky-blue AZURE
Spray that burns MACE
Start of a refrain TRALA
Stop-motion animated Fox series featuring Eddie Murphy THEPJS
Stub ___ ATOE
Sucky attendance count ZERO
Surgery sites, for short ORS
Swingin' Torme MEL
Taiwan's capital TAIPEI
The first "T" of TNT TRI
There are six in a fl. oz. TSPS
They're doing it! (in peer circles) ALLTHECOOLKIDS
Travel out of country GOABROAD
Type of plane rescue over water AIRSEA
U.S. Navy base in Cuba, slangily GITMO
Varnish or Viagra, perhaps HARDENER
With all the bells and whistles DELUXE
Word repeated after "Que," in song SERA
___ school MED
___-mo replay SLO
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