How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Aug 30 2016

'A Boy Named Sue' songwriter Silverstein SHEL
'Dude ... your fly' XYZ
'Fancy meeting you here!' OHHI
'Für ___' (Beethoven dedication) ELISE
'Gangnam Style' performer PSY
'Kick-Ass' star Chloe Grace ___ MORETZ
'Masters ___' (Showtime drama since 2013) OFSEX
'The Final Countdown' band EUROPE
'Voice of Israel' author Abba EBAN
'___ and Circumstance' POMP
'___ wouldn't do that!' EVENI
Actor Peter and TV producer Chuck, for two LORRES
Awesome FAB
Be in the driver's seat STEER
Benny Goodman's genre SWING
Biter on the bayou SKEETER
British version of Inc LTD
Buckle under pressure GIVE
Bust's counterpart BOOM
Canadian dollar coin nickname LOONIE
Carried a balance OWED
Chef on cans BOYARDEE
Chichen ___ (Mayan site) ITZA
Choral voice range ALTO
City with a contaminated drinking supply FLINT
Competes on eBay BIDS
Concurs (with) AGREES
Count in French? COMTE
Day-___ colors GLO
Did some tricks at a skate park? WENTONARAMP
Die-___ (people who won't quit) HARDS
Do some drastic wardrobe reduction? THROWOUTTHEGARB
Drop it already MOVEON
Extinguishes birthday candles BLOWS
Federal org. that inspects workplaces OSHA
Firming, as muscles TONING
Fits of pique SNITS
Fragrant evergreen with starlike flowers MYRTLE
Get out of debt REPAY
Granular pasta ORZO
Hollow-centered muffin POPOVER
Home of the Bills and Chargers, for short AFC
Identical online message, but sent backwards? MIRRORIM
Infinitesimal bit ATOM
K-O combination? LMN
Kitchen unit OVEN
LeBaron and Pacifica, for two CHRYSLERS
Look through a window, maybe PEERIN
Mach 2 fliers, once SSTS
Misfortune WOE
Narc's weight KILO
Olympic team game with a goalkeeper WATERPOLO
Oozing SEEPY
Org. with lots of clubs PGA
Pebbles Flintstone's mom WILMA
Portugal's part of it IBERIA
Quarterback known for his active knee TEBOW
Ready to drink ONTAP
Reusable grocery purchase BAG
Rower's blade OAR
See 51-Across SEENFOOT
She's your sibling SIS
Somewhat, in suffixes ISH
Sounding like a ceiling fan WHIRRING
Spy agency on 'Archer' ISIS
Suffix for the extreme EST
Three-dimensional figures SOLIDS
Trips for Uranus, e.g ORBITS
Verse-writing POESY
Visit GOTO
With 57-Across, what was always covered with a sock until just now? NEVERBEFORE
___ de gallo (salsa variety) PICO
___ in 'Oscar' OAS
___ mojado (Spanish side of a 'wet floor' sign) PISO
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