How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Aug 27 2015

'50s sitcom name DESI
'At the Movies' cohost EBERT
'Chasing Pavements' singer ADELE
'Club Can't Handle Me' rapper Flo ___ RIDA
'Do the Right Thing' Oscar nominee Danny AIELLO
'Frankenstein' helper IGOR
'Fuel' performer DiFranco ANI
'Hey sailor!' AHOY
'Live at the Acropolis' New Ager YANNI
'O.K., pontoon, I hear ya loud and clear'? TENFOURGOODBUOY
'Rashomon' director Kurosawa AKIRA
'Straight ___ Compton' OUTTA
'Sweet' Roman numeral? XVI
'___ be sweet!' ITLL
'___ Like It' ASYOU
100 cents, in Cyprus EURO
8 1/2' x 11' size, for short LTR
Actress Daly TYNE
Agitate ROIL
Aqueduct feature ARCH
Audiophile's collection, perhaps LPS
Battery's negative terminal ANODE
Bawl out SCOLD
Bean mentioned in 'The Silence of the Lambs' FAVA
Biographical bit MEMOIR
Botanical transplant GRAFT
Breakneck RAPID
Brockovich of lawsuit fame ERIN
Brush-off SNUB
Butter substitute OLEO
Cautionary list NONOS
Comment about all-soloist concerts? NEVERADUOMOMENT
Critter with a pouch KOALA
Crucial VITAL
Dedicatory verse ODE
Disappear into thin air VANISH
Disgusted utterance FEH
Eugene of travel guides FODOR
Farming prefix AGRO
Flat fee RATE
Flying solo STAG
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Grateful Dead bassist Phil LESH
Green sauce PESTO
Half a new wave group? DURAN
Haulers that repel everyone? SHOOINGCARTS
Hawaiian pizza ingredient HAM
Hereditary helix DNA
Hit the weights, maybe TRAIN
Hot springs SPAS
Jai ___ ALAI
Julia's 'Notting Hill' costar HUGH
L.A. hardcore punk band with the 1994 album 'Punk in Drublic' NOFX
Like corduroy and, um... (hey, get your mind out of the gutter!) RIBBED
Like fine wine AGED
Marcia's mom CAROL
Member of the peerage BARON
Moved about ROVED
Nursing school subj ANAT
Old French coins ECUS
Overhead storage ATTIC
Pang of pain THROE
Part of a sequence? DREAM
Pineapple packager DOLE
Place for a nap SOFA
Pocketed, as a pool ball SANK
Pushing force THRUST
S-shaped molding OGEE
Say 'I guess we'll take DiCaprio'? SETTLEFORLEO
Shaq's surname ONEAL
Shaun, for one SHEEP
Slanted printing style ITALIC
Specialty NICHE
Succulent plant ALOE
Wants to know ASKS
Wrinkly dog PUG
Yes, at the altar IDO
___ contendere (court plea) NOLO
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