How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Aug 22 2006

"High Times" reader, typically POTHEAD
"I know what I'm talking about" TRUSTME
"Lookin' Out My Back Door" band, for short CCR
"Passions," for one SOAPOPERA
"Would ___ to you?" ILIE
Album with "Jeremy" and "Even Flow" TEN
Almost most HALF
AOL competitor MSN
Belgian composer Cesar FRANCK
Body part in a "Wayne's World" joke used to get the other guy to say "What?" SPHINCTER
Bottled water brand from Quebec NAYA
Bucking rodeo beasts BRONCS
Challenging request ANYTAKERS
Chore reward ALLOWANCE
Cones' counterparts RODS
Crater maker METEORITE
Deconstruct a sentence PARSE
Deep down ATHEART
Dubya, while governor AUSTINITE
Element named for a mythical Greek weeper NIOBIUM
Far from a drama queen SHY
Fast flier that stopped commercial use in 2005 SST
Feature of a messy room PILE
Feature of a messy room HEAP
Film that happens aboard the Nostromo ALIEN
Fortune tellers SEERS
Freestyle, maybe RAP
Gender-bending engine part? TRANNIE
Genre pioneered by Kool DJ Herc HIPHOP
Gives grub to FEEDS
He duetted with Costello on 1998's "Painted from Memory" BACHARACH
Hydrocarbon suffix ANE
It may be more, to some LESS
It's spent away from everyone else ALONETIME
LOL or WTF, e.g. TLA
Naughty-sounding bird TIT
Network that will cease to exist 9/15/06 UPN
Off-base designation AWOL
Old person, derogatorily FOSSIL
Org. that tracks mercury emissions EPA
Outlandish number UMPTEEN
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Photographer Goldin NAN
Prepare a necktie KNOT
Purplish shade LILAC
Racing fanatic SPEEDSTER
Requirement to get into a tournament ENTRANCEFEE
Resident on the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula OMANI
Senator ___ Bailey Hutchison KAY
Sephia maker KIA
Skylab launchers NASA
Snappy comebacks RETORTS
Sorta positive wish HOPESO
Spacey role of 2006 LUTHOR
Stank emanations FUNKS
Struggles between the rich and poor CLASSWARS
They're seen under slides AMOEBAS
Trig ratio SINE
Type of metabolic rate BASAL
UAL rival AMR
What boxers or wrestlers ultimately fight for THETITLE
Word before sales or tax ESTATE
Word screamed during orgasms YES
Zombie's desire BRAINS
___ colada PINA
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