How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Aug 14 2014

'... I ___ wed' THEE
'Animal' band ___ Trees NEON
'Dancing Queen' group ABBA
'Good Will Hunting' director Gus Van ___ SANT
'I Will Survive' singer Gloria GAYNOR
'Let me clean up first...' IMAMESS
'Letters from Iwo ___' JIMA
'Neither snow ___ rain...' NOR
'One planet' religion BAHAI
'___ Reader' (alternative digest) UTNE
2013 single from DJ Snake and Lil Jon TURNDOWNFORWHAT
44-Down's initials RMN
A as in Argentina UNA
A step below the Majors AAA
Abbr. in an employee benefits handbook HMO
Alpaca relative LLAMA
Android download APP
Aqua Velva alternative AFTA
Arena shouts RAHS
Barker's successor CAREY
Baseball family surname ALOU
Be stealthy SNEAK
Best-of-the-best AONE
Brand that ran 'short shorts' ads NAIR
City bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics OSLO
Cleans (up) TIDIES
Company based in Munich BMW
December danger FLU
Dr. Seuss book made into a 2008 movie HORTONHEARSAWHO
Drunk singing, often KARAOKE
Electrical cord's end PLUG
Ending after Japan or Taiwan ESE
European high points ALPS
Fit one inside another NEST
Fizzy drink SODA
Galapagos Islands visitor DARWIN
Garden gastropod SLUG
Gardner of 'The Night of the Iguana' AVA
Grabs some shuteye NAPS
Greet the queen BOW
He claimed not to be a crook NIXON
He plays Dr. John Watson JUDELAW
HHH, in Athens ETAS
Highly nauseous? AIRSICK
Home to Missoula and Bozeman MONTANA
It's a bit of a stretch YOGA
Ivy League sch UPENN
Jack-in-the-box sound POP
Lacking a partner ALONE
Like lawns in the morning DEWY
Literary Jane EYRE
Lombardi Trophy awarder NFL
Long, long ago WAYBACKWHEN
Maple Leafs, Bruins, et al NHL
Me-generation concerns EGOS
Night fliers OWLS
Nod in unison AGREE
Norah Jones ballad DONTKNOWWHY
Obama 2008 campaign word HOPE
Oscar winner Paquin ANNA
Paving material TAR
Plant used to make tequila AGAVE
Rolled pair DICE
Scanned pic IMAGE
Shark's home SEA
Sound from a happy cat PURR
Sound from a happy kitten MEW
Speed's mysterious nemesis, in cartoons RACERX
Squiggly critters EELS
Stock market debut, briefly IPO
Taboo act NONO
They're all tied up KNOTS
Trapper Keeper maker MEAD
Vision-related OPTIC
___ king ALA
___ Lisa MONA
___ Zeppelin LED
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