How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Aug 01 2013

'Attention, please!' AHEM
'Based on that...' IFSO
'Bottle Rocket' director Anderson WES
'Double Dare' host Summers MARC
'Frasier' producer ROZ
'Is he ___ or is he...' (They Might Be Giants line) ADOT
'Nixon in China,' e.g OPERA
'The ___ Queene' (Spenser work) FAERIE
'This is ___ of the emergency...' ATEST
'You can't forget the cheese and crust' rebuke? PIZZADUH
1994 bestseller about Ebola, with 'The' HOTZONE
African bloodsucker TSETSE
After-school orgs PTAS
Alternative to Prodigy or CompuServe AOL
Arrived feet-first SLID
Band over a gown, maybe SASH
Bela on banjo FLECK
Big deposit LODE
Blithering fool IDIOT
Boxer Laila ALI
Brewery product LAGER
Bright stars NOVAS
British actress ___ Staunton IMELDA
Capital of the Inca empire CUZCO
Carlos's treasure ORO
Cell phone button SEND
Chinese-born actress ___ Ling BAI
Company behind Sonic the Hedgehog SEGA
Cook's amt TSP
Cry while swooning IMINLOVE
Drink from a straw SIPON
Duo behind 'Is Dave there?' '[spin spin spin]'? CHEECHANDCOG
Electricity JUICE
Engine type, in mechanic shorthand (anagram of OH, DC) DOHC
Enlightenment, to Zen Buddhists SATORI
First-rate AONE
Full of dandelions WEEDY
Full washer LOAD
Fully informed AWARE
Great conductors MAESTROS
Greet at the door SEEIN
Home of the D-backs ARIZ
Inc., in Canterbury LTD
Information booth handout MAP
It may be crude OIL
Jesus in the outfield ALOU
Jumping chess pieces: abbr KTS
Lack of good sense DAFTNESS
Lancelot and Mix-a-Lot, for two SIRS
Like some collisions MIDAIR
Magazine copy ISSUE
Market upticks GAINS
Mourner of Osiris ISIS
Opt not to get carry-out DINEIN
Orange or yellow HUE
Pop quiz response TRUE
Put on, as a performance STAGE
Restaurant reviewer's website YELP
Rule, for short REG
Sajak, after a radioactive run-in gives him superhuman abilities? NUCLEARPOWERPAT
See 56-Across OFTHEHAT
Simile words ASA
Small battery AAA
Small teams DUOS
Snake Eyes' team GIJOE
Square peg in a round hole MISFIT
String instruments VIOLS
Tax dodger EVADER
Tempe sch ASU
They're not really helping ENABLERS
Uno follower DOS
Unpredictable ERRATIC
Winnemac, in Sinclair Lewis novels STATE
With 62-across, unable-to-see-the-movie phenomenon? TOTALECLIPSE
Years, to Yves ANS
Zesty flavors TANGS
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