How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Apr 23 2019

'Buenos Aires' musical evita
'Elena of ___' (Disney Channel cartoon) avalor
'King Kong' actress Wray fay
'Let You Love Me' singer Rita ora
'Power Is Power' singer born Solána Imani Rowe sza
'What'd I tell you?!' see
'___ my case' irest
1990s cardio fad taebo
A plus asset
Address for a monk fra
As well as and
Battery terminal anode
Big name in camping gear rei
Blockaded walledoff
By way of via
Calgary's prov alb
Campus head, in headlines prexy
Category for fleas, but not ticks insects
Cereal with a cuckoo mascot cocoapuffs
Cold-weather wear scarf
Comedian Siddiq ali
Dark-to-light hair coloring trend ombre
Decays ebbs
Delivery person in a brown uniform upsdriver
Diner order pie
Ditch nix
Do more repairs on refix
Early Civil War battle site in Tenn fthenry
Early WWI river battle site yser
Efron of '17 Again' zac
Emulated Matt Stonie ate
Epic that includes the Trojan Horse aeneid
First lady between Eleanor and Mamie bess
Flash drives, memory cards, etc media
Gp. led by Mahmoud Abbas plo
Guitar store buy amp
Hardly packed sparse
He played House laurie
Hercules' stepmother hera
Host of 'The Voice' carsondaly
Hotel amenity spa
It may be a snap pea
It may be stunning taser
It may come before overcast weather rain
It's absent in the Impact font seen in many memes serif
It's put on when being courageous braveface
Krypton, e.g gas
Like most itineraries onamap
Like thrift-shop goods used
Lithuania, once (abbr.) ssr
Little demons imps
Make amends atone
March 16, for St. Patrick's Day (hey, someone tried it) eve
Moses' mountain sinai
Movie studio that the beginnings of the 5 theme answers have in common pixar
Nigiri fish, maybe eel
Number of novels in 'The Chronicles of Narnia' seven
PC platform with command lines msdos
Phantasmagoric surreal
Place to go in England? loo
Plural seen way more in Ancient Greek history than in the modern decathlon disci
Pre-'Happy Days' Ron Howard role opie
Reddit event full of questions ama
Renault vehicle marketed in the U.S. with a sorta-French name lecar
Ride around town, maybe cab
Ring arbiter ref
Roof overhangs eaves
Short-term worker temp
Singer Benatar pat
Singer LaMontagne ray
Social critter ant
Software writer coder
Some laptops acers
Steering wheel safety device airbag
Stretchy fabric spandex
Suffix with winning or best, slangily est
Superman foe's name lex
Took home won
Undivided one
Where, in Latin ubi
World Cup chant ole
___ leches cake tres
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