How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Apr 17 2007

"Beverly Hills Cop" song AXELF
"Fiddler on the Roof" protagonist TEVYE
"The Happy Hooker" author Hollander XAVIERA
"The Lake Isle of Innisfree" poet YEATS
"___ Certified" (sticker at the mechanic's) ASE
"___ I just say?" WHATD
...and companion APE
Aristocratic NOBLE
Bit of hair gel DAB
Bolivian city SUCRE
Brain wave monitor, for short EEG
Brewmaster's powder YEAST
Broken KAPUT
Bust out laughing CRACKUP
Check for more BONUS
Cheerful and childlike WINSOME
Code-breaking org. NSA
Deer in a petting zoo FAWN
Do as you aren't told DISOBEY
Downtown rides TAXIS
Dunaway of "The Thomas Crown Affair" FAYE
Former owner of the jet "Big Bunny," to friends HEF
Gator follower ADE
Gitmo issue TORTURE
Gold, to Cortes ORO
Hedren of Hitchcock's "The Birds" TIPPI
Historic town in Tuscany SIENA
In any way ATALL
It should get nixed BADIDEA
It's hunted on a Sunday EASTEREGG
Jennifer Garner "spy-fi" series ALIAS
Kung ___ shrimp PAO
Lance on the bench ITO
Lb. and oz. WTS
Lessen, as pain ALLEVIATE
Loaf ends HEELS
Long-stemmed white mushrooms ENOKI
Make less dangerous UNARM
Mexican dish TOSTADA
Mob killing HIT
Mobile CELL
More than buzzed TIPSY
Nav. rank ENS
Olympic figure skater Kulik ILIA
Opposite of "alli" AQUI
Play in which Daniel Radcliffe bared all EQUUS
Prefix for "glas" PLEXI
Pull (on) TUG
Raise high EXALT
Riedel of Rammstein OLLIE
Rugby ___ UNION
Scratch the surface MAR
Serfs on turf PEONS
Social suffix IST
Soldier's hiding place FOXHOLE
Sound from the henhouse CLUCK
Speaker of the quote CHRISROCK
Sportage maker KIA
Spotted laugher HYENA
Stand in good ___ STEAD
Store based in Sweden IKEA
Subject in a Perot/Gore debate NAFTA
Subscription unit ISSUE
Symbols after brand names TMS
Tarzan's transportation... VINES
The Mystery Machine, e.g. VAN
The other half of the quote THEYTAKETAXES
The Shangri-___ (1960s pop group) LAS
Trig functions SINES
Vase's cousin URN
Went downriver, one way TUBED
Word before lettuce or cucumber SEA
WWE wrestler born Glen Jacobs KANE
YouTube post VIDEO
___ out a living EKED
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