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Jonesin' Apr 08 2008

"7th Heaven" actor whose twin brother Jason is also an actor JEREMYLONDON
"Blue Guitars" singer-songwriter Chris REA
"Choose ___ Own Adventure" YOUR
"Equus" playwright whose twin brother Anthony was also a playwright PETERSHAFFER
"Life sucks!" WOEISME
"Ocean's Eleven" or "Psycho," e.g. REMAKE
"Star Trek: TNG" alum and celebrity blogger Wheaton WIL
"The kissing disease" MONO
"Top Chef" host Lakshmi PADMA
"___ Degree" (Morningwood song) NTH
"___ the only one?" AMI
Advice columnist whose twin sister Abigail was also an advice columnist ANNLANDERS
Affliction FDR was diagnosed with POLIO
Brake hard SKID
Bulletin board posts NOTICES
Chit-chat IDLETALK
Class warm-up PRETEST
Comedian/former ESPN host whose twin brother Randy is also a comedian/former ESPN host JASONSKLAR
Deplorable AWFUL
Difficult shoes to walk in HEELS
Doze (off) NOD
Duck Dodgers, really DAFFY
Dutch treat? GOUDA
Female octopi HENS
For them, resistance was feudal SERFS
Former Atlanta stadium OMNI
Giovanni of "Lost in Translation" RIBISI
Got away to get together ELOPED
Greek vowel ETA
Hi's comic strip wife LOIS
His first patent was for an "Electrographic Vote Recorder" EDISON
Indian prince RAJAH
James of "Brian's Song" CAAN
Japanese pond fish KOI
Kick-ass AWESOME
Like new e-mails UNREAD
Little giggle TEHEE
Long time period EON
Ludlum protagonist BOURNE
Martin, Short or Chase, in a 1986 comedy AMIGO
Miss Scarlet's game CLUE
Muppet who speaks in third person ELMO
Museum that once held Picasso's "Guernica" PRADO
Nile wrigglers ASPS
Ocala's st. FLA
Ornamental flowers DAHLIAS
Pacer maker AMC
Plastic CREDIT
Porker's abode STY
Prospector's piece of land CLAIM
Rapper whose "Smack That" earned a Grammy nomination AKON
Russell parodied on "South Park" with the show "Fightin' Around the World" CROWE
SeaWorld star attraction SHAMU
Several AFEW
Shampoo step RINSE
Shoelace snarl KNOT
Showed a second time RERAN
Singer heard in the Cliff Hangers game on "The Price Is Right" YODELER
Slaughter's rank: abbr. SGT
Sort ILK
Stat in an airport terminal ETD
Stephen King title word NEEDFUL
Stimulate (the appetite) WHET
Techies' languages JARGONS
They're often bought in twelves ROSES
Wolf foot PAW
Word after speed or term LIMIT
Wrap a bow around TIEON
___ d'Ivoire (African nation) COTE
___ Fighters FOO
___ occasion (never) ONNO
___ wonders ONEHIT
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