How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 29 2013

"High" time at MGM NOON
"___ I but known!" HAD
A boatload TONS
A great distance AFAR
A verb for you ARE
Abbr. on an ambulance EMS
Acclaim LAUD
Actor Rogen SETH
Actress Kurylenko OLGA
An old one may need a key SKATE
Arab potentate (var.) EMEER
Big social gathering, e.g EVENT
Bony one SCRAG
Book jacket write-up BLURB
Brain output IDEA
Brown lodging? DORM
Caine's co-star in "Deathtrap" REEVE
Cassowary kin RHEA
Caterer's containers URNS
Clair de ___ (porcelain) LUNE
Claire of "Homeland" DANES
Colonial river boat BATEAU
Color-changing lizard AGAMA
Contrite feeling REGRET
Created MADE
Discharge, as light EMIT
Disorderly struggle MELEE
Doting one, perhaps AUNT
Drain blockage CLOG
Egyptian cross symbols of life ANKHS
Election Day freebies from party workers RIDES
Encourage heartily URGE
Estrada of TV fame ERIK
Extended absence LEAVE
Fairness-in-hiring agcy EEO
Fairy-tale starter ONCE
Family skeletons, e.g BESTKEPTSECRETS
Fan club honoree IDOL
First woman to swim the English Channel EDERLE
Firstborn sibling ELDEST
Florida bird EGRET
Flowery wreath LEI
Follower of Mary LAMB
Form a line? ADLIB
George Harrison's "All Those Years ___" AGO
Hang in the hammock LOLL
Heavenly being ANGEL
Inquires of ASKS
Interim office worker TEMP
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Lo ___ (Chinese noodles) MEIN
Majors of "The Six Million Dollar Man" LEE
Mid-morning TENAM
Monetary unit since 1999 EURO
Musketeer motto word ALL
Name that's a name backward NOEL
Name-tag word HELLO
Owl's haunt, perhaps BARN
Prefix for "space" or "plane" AERO
Prepare to play the drums SIT
Rx specification DOSE
Semisoft cheese GOUDA
Small handbill FLIER
Something to drive off of TEE
Spine-tingling EERIE
Sunflower supporter STEM
Support for a swing TREE
Survey a second time REMAP
Takes care of TENDS
Tantalize TEASE
Techies, say GEEKS
The river in Mexico? ELRIO
Type of dance TAP
What this puzzle's theme is, essentially MATTEROFDEGREES
With stronger oversight BETTERREGULATED
Witness SEE
Year of Christopher Columbus's death MDVI
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