How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 28 2016

"Micro" add-on, in libraries FICHE
"Sir," in colonial India SAHIB
"You get the picture" ETC
Absolute greatest (Abbr.) ULT
Acid that will make you see things LSD
African republic on the Red Sea SUDAN
Art piece in a park STATUE
Athlete with deep pockets PRO
Author also known as H.H. Munro SAKI
Before, long before now ERE
Blockbuster event no more RENTAL
Calf, on the range DOGIE
Common degs BAS
Compass heading, sometimes ENE
Consumes HAS
Convenient wallet filler ATM
Crumbs from a meal ORTS
Emulate a tailor SEW
Engaged in a childish comfort SUCKEDONESTHUMB
Enlightened one, in Buddhism ARHAT
First half of a swanky California neighborhood BEL
Fish-eating hawk SEAEAGLE
Flat-topped hill MESA
Fourposter, e.g BED
Frosts, as a cake ICES
Gangster's gun, in B-movies GAT
Gave cough medicine to DOSED
Hard to tap one's toe to ATONAL
House of usher? THEATER
Human shark USURER
Hush-hush SECRET
In-flight info, for short ETA
It's served in spots TEA
Itty-bitty TEENSY
Japanese martial art JIUJITSU
Johnny in gray REB
Kinky yen FETISH
Legendary QB nicknamed the "Snake" STABLER
Like a rainbow ARCED
Like Salvation Army goods USED
Like some humor BROAD
Make good use of recess PLAY
Miss-named? NEE
Non-offensive expletive DRAT
Not fully closed AJAR
Organize anew REARRANGE
Passage ceremony, e.g RITE
Pollen and dust, notoriously IRRITANTS
Provide, as with a quality ENDUE
Religious maxims LOGIA
Responded in court PLED
Rock worth money ORE
Sailing on the ocean ASEA
Santa ___ (California city) ANA
Santa's reindeer, collectively OCTET
Simple wave makers OARS
Sing like a canary WARBLE
Some desert growths CACTUSES
Sport invented by Native Americans LACROSSE
Spotted SEEN
Straddling ATOP
Stratocaster attachment AMP
Swab composition ABSORBENTCOTTON
Sweater material ANGORA
Trip to Mecca HAJ
Turn the air blue CUSS
Upstate New York city UTICA
Vertical ship posts BITTS
VHS alternative of old BETA
Water source TAP
What an eclipse can do BLOTOUTTHESUN
Where many deals are made CASINO
Where one asks to be hit RENO
Wraps up ENDS
___ gin fizz SLOE
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