How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 27 2008

"Astro Boy" genre ANIME
"Out of the question" NOCHANCE
"Rio ___" (John Wayne film) LOBO
"The ___ of the Ancient Mariner" RIME
"There's ___ here but us ..." NOONE
"Will be," in a Doris Day song SERA
''Awaiting your reply'' OVER
''No Trespassing'' sign site PRIVATEPROPERTY
''___ fishing'' GONE
''___ honored!'' IDBE
''___ I was saying . . .'' SOAS
66 and others ROUTES
Address for a monarch SIRE
Admonishing sounds TSKS
Alamo competitor AVIS
Ammonia has a strong one ODOR
Answers to some proposals YESES
Anti vote NAY
Antipoverty agcy. created under L.B.J. OEO
Architect Saarinen EERO
Argon's lack ODOR
Artist Yoko ONO
Asian secret society TONG
Athlete's foot, e.g. TINEA
Baby bird? STORK
Baby's first word, maybe GOO
Bag-inspecting org. TSA
Beetle Bailey's boss SERGEANTSNORKEL
Befitting APT
Blow off steam, two ways VENT
Blue Jays or Orioles, e.g. MAJORLEAGUETEAM
Boom, vroom, zoom, etc. NOISE
Boring tool AUGER
Born, in an announcement NEE
Build up interest? SAVE
Cellular response? CALL
Certain Burmese gibbon LAR
Chalet backdrop ALP
Cheese tray choice EDAM
Children's TV series, 1955-1984 CAPTAINKANGAROO
Chinese drink GREENTEA
Choir section ALTOS
City on the Brazos River WACO
Clean partner SOBER
Cloth quantity BOLT
Competitor of Max and Helena ESTEE
Cooker with a pilot GASOVEN
Country artist Haggard MERLE
Country with a five-sided flag NEPAL
Current fashion TREND
Depend (on) RELY
Distinct variety of a species BREED
Distribute ALLOT
Division of college athletics MENS
Early Reagan role GIPP
Epic tale SAGA
Existential discomfort ANGST
Extravagant publicity HYPE
Fine and liberal ARTS
Get along MESH
Getting ripe AGING
Glass-polishing compound CERIA
Hard guy to find in kids' books WALDO
Hard thing to swallow PRIDE
Harvard foe YALE
He played Nick to Barbra's Fanny OMAR
He was confirmed after Roberts ALITO
He's a real Coward NOEL
In a sluggish way LAZILY
In ___ of (as a replacement for) LIEU
IRS-approved savings plan ROTH
It had an Ambassadors Club TWA
It lasts for weeks MONTH
It may be shelf-contained CAN
Its capital is Gaborone BOTSWANA
Jobs at Apple STEVE
Just so-so OKAY
Keaton of Hollywood DIANE
Lake Nasser filler NILE
Last leg of a relay ANCHOR
Letter after pi RHO
Like a meadow in the morning DEWY
Lose sleep over something STEW
Made (out) EKED
Makes angry IRKS
Material for Hush Puppies SUEDE
Mimicking birds MYNAS
Minuteman III or Peacekeeper ICBM
Muggles can't do it MAGIC
Mustard and Sanders COLONELS
Nearly all MOST
News item for a scrapbook OBIT
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Not any, country-style NARY
Oblast capital SSW of Moscow OREL
Oil of wintergreen is one ESTER
One who cries foul UMP
One who examines ANALYZER
Oodles ALOT
Pages that aren't editorial matter ADS
Parcel (out) METE
Part of INON
Peggy and Spike LEES
Penitential period LENT
Pilgrimage to Mecca HAJ
Pippin residue CORES
Place to keep the wolf from DOOR
Playful swimmer OTTER
Poem of praise ODE
Post-shower sprinkle TALC
Praying figure, in art ORANT
Prefix with ''scope'' or ''photo'' TELE
Problem affecting old lumber ROT
Provide for free, in slang COMP
Pump parts SOLES
Put out EMIT
Ritzy ski resort ASPEN
Roadies carry them AMPS
Rock blaster TNT
Roman goddess of the hearth VESTA
Running partner? MATE
Runs easily TROTS
Sacks on a base COTS
Scores in sixty THREE
She makes house calls AVONLADY
Sheltered, to a salt ALEE
Shock deliverer PROD
Skill rarely seen LOSTART
Small South American monkey TITI
Snake's posture, sometimes COIL
Soda server JERK
Splinter group SECT
Star followers MAGI
Start for ''asian'' EUR
Strike out OMIT
Sultan's group HAREM
Sweeping camera movement PAN
Take to court SUE
TCU rival SMU
Tennis do-overs LETS
They're ''born, not made'' POETS
Touch-and-go DICEY
Tribal advisers, typically ELDERS
UAL competitor SWA
United Nations get-together GENERALASSEMBLY
Until now ASYET
Use, as coupons REDEEM
Warsaw Pact nation USSR
Winged symbol of love EROS
Word for Yorick ALAS
Word with "house" OPEN
Work with needle and thread SEW
You can say that again and again and again MANTRA
___ bat for (support) GOTO
___-Tass ITAR
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