How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 26 2001

''... ___ evil ...'' SEENO
''Billy, Don't ___ Hero'' BEA
''Deafening silence,'' e.g. OXYMORON
''Die Walkure,'' e.g. OPERA
''Just ___ off the top'' ABIT
''Let me sew you to your sheet,'' e.g. SPOONERISM
''Marathon ___'' (1976) MAN
''My Very Easy Method: Just Set Up Nine Planets,'' e.g. MNEMONIC
''No, I told Ed lotion!", e.g. PALINDROME
''Rule, Britannia!'' composer ARNE
''Thrilla in Manila'' combatant ALI
''___ bin ein Berliner'' ICH
''___ the house'' (free) ITSON
A type of shark LOAN
Abound TEEM
Article in ''Le Monde'' UNE
Assenting vote YEA
Bailiff's command RISE
Begets SIRES
Big high-school event PROM
Bits of memory BYTES
Bounty bellow AHOY
Break one's silence SPEAK
Breathe LIVE
Brought out of dreamland WAKENED
Cannes' neighbor NICE
Cast your ballot VOTED
Charity ALMS
Christening activity NAMING
Church's principal longitudinal area NAVE
Clairvoyant's forte ESP
Commemorative pillar STELA
Consociate UNITE
Corn servings EARS
Criticâs bestowal STAR
Danny's frequent co-star MEL
Discovery utterance OHO
Do hospital security? POLICEAWARD
Doglike carnivore HYENA
Dons lead them MOBS
Drawn tiger TONY
Driveway material ASPHALT
Drug-yielding plants COCAS
Elevating pole STILT
Endeavor STRIVE
Evans or Ellerbee LINDA
Exclamation of disappointment SHOOT
Expend USE
Eye opener, of a sort ALARM
Fit to be tied IRATE
Fjordlike sea arm LOCH
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Give off EMIT
Golfing great Stewart PAYNE
Good news from loan officers YESES
Grain-storage locale SILO
Hailey best seller HOTEL
Hardly the gregarious type LONER
Head infestation LICE
Herbalist's plants ALOES
Hero maker DELI
Hills' counterparts DALES
Hotel figures RATES
Illegal hunter or fisherman POACHER
Image on a monitor ICON
In the center of AMID
Inuit conveyance SLED
It can hold its wine VAT
It has potential for development LOT
It may be tingling SPINE
It moves tape through a machine CAPSTAN
It's better than never? LATE
It's Italian and can blow its top ETNA
Land map PLAT
Ledger color RED
Lemon's green cousin LIME
Like a candle WAXEN
Lincoln portrait site CENT
Livorno lucre LIRA
Lofty nest (Var.) AERY
Make amorous advances WOO
Managers' lists ROSTERS
Massachusetts cape ANN
Metal-bearing mineral ORE
Mini feature? HEM
N'Djamena locale CHAD
Native of Machu Picchu INCA
Neither here nor there GONE
Neither's partner NOR
Nerve conductors AXONS
No matter which ANY
Omega's opposite ALPHA
On the wagon DRY
One sans permanent address NOMAD
Part of an agenda ITEM
Paul Bunyan's equipment AXES
Place that's really buzzing? APIARY
Poisonous substance TOXIN
Put in prison EMBAR
Putrefy ROT
Quarry product ORE
Raccoon relative COATI
Rain hard TEEM
Ranking above a freeman THANE
Recitals, often SOLOS
Relocating a fight? MOVINGABOUT
Removed seeds from cotton GINNED
Roberts' Brockovich ERIN
Rome's river TIBER
Run in hot water BLEED
Schwarzenegger role CONAN
Seed sheath ARIL
Self-absorbed VAIN
Send to seventh heaven ELATE
Sermon subject VICE
Smith and Jones, together in film MEN
Soft leather KIDSKIN
Some dairy sticks OLEOS
Some denim garments LEVIS
Something to bring home BACON
Sondheim's ''--- the Woods'' INTO
Spaghetti and vermicelli PASTA
Squashed circle OVAL
Striker's anathema SCAB
Suggestive RACY
Sunglasses, dig it? SHADES
Superlative suffix EST
Sword's superior, proverbially PEN
Tabriz citizen IRANI
Taking one's role to heart? LIVINGAPART
They're for kids, silly rabbit TRIX
They're only temporarily puzzled SOLVERS
Took stock of ASSESSED
Tools for Web surfers BROWSERS
Treat with contempt SNUB
Two under par EAGLE
Used crosshairs AIMED
Wait patiently BIDE
Warming drink TODDY
Wear a hole in the rug PACE
What superheroes fight EVIL
Where musicians expose themselves? MTV
Witch-hunt town SALEM
With the most marbles SANEST
Word in a Christmas carol title SILENT
Word with ''donna'' or ''ballerina'' PRIMA
Word with ''renewal'' or ''sprawl'' URBAN
Word with stick or shot SLAP
___ Claire, Wisconsin EAU
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