How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 22 2016

"... or ___!" ELSE
"... ___ he drove out of sight" ERE
"Bravo, bullfighter!" OLE
"Bus Stop" playwright William INGE
"Catch!" HERE
"Doctor Dolittle" actress Samantha EGGAR
"Right there, that's it" AAH
"You did ___ nice job" AREAL
'60s conflict site NAM
'Neath counterpart OER
Activity seen at Pimlico HORSEBACKRIDING
Ancient goddess of fertility ASTARTE
ancient Greek marketplace AGORA
Angora coat MOHAIR
Anklebone TALUS
As such PERSE
Assayers' subjects ORES
Birthright HERITAGE
Blooper GOOF
Bombay dress SARI
Bounce HOP
Bounce back, in a way ECHO
Cause of wrinkles AGE
Classic Harlem venue APOLLO
Contraction before "seen worse" IVE
Cool, old-school HEP
Crumb on a dinner table ORT
Daisy variety OXEYE
Detonating device PETARD
Dutch cheese EDAM
Engine supercharger TURBO
Exact retribution for AVENGE
Farmer's tool HOE
Generic family nickname BRO
Got wind of HEARD
Handel bars? ORATORIO
Harangue TIRADE
Heavy cart DRAY
Horrified AGHAST
Imitation, as fur FAUX
Important time ERA
Improper lighting? ARSON
Integrates MERGES
Intense anger IRE
It holds water BASIN
It plays it TAG
It prevents embarrassment FACESAVER
It's attractive in cartoons? HORSESHOEMAGNET
It's waved before musicians BATON
Kind of inspiration DIVINE
Letters of pressure PSI
Many a time OFT
Many French immigrants ALGERIANS
Milky birthstone OPAL
Mine entrance ADIT
Miscellaneous assortment OLIO
Mysterious ancient letters RUNES
Old sorcerer MAGE
Old-fashioned mode of transportation HORSEANDBUGGY
Participating in a certain line dance CONGAING
Private, as information PERSONAL
Servile servant LACKEY
Shrek, e.g OGRE
Sleeper's breathing problem APNEA
Slippery sea creature EEL
Smartphone program APP
Some deer ROES
Some widths for printers ENS
They are chipped on golf courses TEES
Trailed no one LED
Under a doctor's care ILL
Under debate ATISSUE
Unflattering facial marks ACNE
Unskilled working stiff PEON
Use mouthwash, e.g GARGLE
Warner Bros. creation TOON
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