How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 19 2016

"Certainly!" SURE
"Comprende?" SEE
"Don't give up!" TRY
"Gladiator" setting ARENA
"I can't believe my eyes!" OHO
"Santa" tail ANA
Accumulate AMASS
All-out attack SIEGE
Andean land PERU
Anger IRE
Army shelters TENTS
Arrange tidily NEATEN
Article of faith TENET
Audacity NERVE
Backstabber RAT
Baffled on the Pacific? ATSEA
Bank heist units GEES
Be seductive, in a way WETONESLIPS
Bedroom separator, often HALLWAY
Before, in poetry ERE
Bit of dust MOTE
Booby trap component WIRE
Busy bother ADO
CBS logo EYE
Certain mast (var.) MIZEN
Certain skin cream MOISTURIZER
Charged particle ION
Come to mind ARISE
Computer attachments DONGLES
Convenient places to shop MARTS
County fair animal PIG
Dashboard abbreviation MPH
Digital novel EBOOK
Directory contents NAMES
Discouraging or dissuading DAMPINGDOWN
Dude kin HOMIE
Easy wins ROMPS
Event with lots of bucks RODEO
Fancy-schmancy POSH
Fine-tunes HONES
First syllable of a simple game TIC
First-rate TOPS
Hawaiian giveaway LEI
He's there late in Red Square LENIN
Humiliates ABASES
Indian social class CASTE
Jealousy ENVY
Key in Florida LARGO
Killed, gangster-style OFFED
Leave white tracks SKI
Marina sight YACHT
Martin with an Oscar LANDAU
Member of the family, often SON
Montezuma, for one AZTEC
Prepare to stop crying DRYONESEYES
Quick snap PHOTO
Ratty or flea-bitten MANGY
Runway figure MODEL
Rush down in vast quantities CASCADE
Simple shelters LEANTOS
Slithering sea creatures EELS
Some simple math signs MINUSES
Some socks ARGYLES
Spooky EERIE
Swelter FRY
Teamwork inhibitor EGO
The "L" of XL LARGE
They often deliver good news USPS
Uncontrolled WILD
Use a needle and thread SEW
Vast frozen expanses TUNDRAS
Victorian, for one ERA
Way past voting age OLD
Wide's partner FAR
Zorro's marks ZEES
___ oblongata (brain part) MEDULLA
___-cotta TERRA
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