How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 19 2004

"Dona ___ and Her Two Husbands" (1976) FLOR
"I don't buy it!" PSHAW
"Lane" in a Jerry Wallace hit PRIMROSE
"Seinfeld" uncle LEO
"Yay, team!" RAH
"___ Dream" ("Lohengrin" piece) ELSAS
"___ the Worlds" (H.G. Wells novel) WAROF
1965 Moody Blues hit GONOW
1970s dance clubs DISCOS
Artillery burst SALVO
Attend GOTO
Bounced check letters NSF
Boy toy? KEN
Burdened LADEN
City on the Tiber ROME
Colorful computer IMAC
Contemplate MULL
Deeply absorbed ENRAPT
Do some yard work MOW
Dole's running mate, 1996 KEMP
Dueler with Hamilton BURR
Egg-shaped OVATE
Eye up and down OGLE
Farm team OXEN
Getting no returns? ACING
Grammarian's concern USAGE
Greek sandwich GYRO
Gumshoe TEC
High-payout wager PERFECTA
Hop-jump connector SKIP
Hotel radio feature ALARMCLOCK
Ice sheet FLOE
Introduction to physics? META
It precedes the starts of 20, 58-Across, 11, 29-Down FIRE
It's full of roots SCALP
Kind of energy SOLAR
Kuwaiti bigwig EMIR
Lady Di's consort DODI
Like Jimi Hendrix's lady FOXY
Looseness SLACK
Marquee performer STAR
Mathematician Newton ISAAC
Medicinal plant ALOE
Microwave ZAP
More recent NEWER
Mrs. Lennon ONO
Norse war god ODIN
Off-the-wall ZANY
One looking for trouble, in a way PROOFREADER
Overshadowed ECLIPSED
Partner of means WAYS
Pelvic bones ILIA
Pest control device FLYSWATTER
Philosopher Descartes RENE
Pilgrimage to Mecca (Var.) HADJ
Prefix with legal PARA
Prefix with plunk or plop KER
Reacted to a really bad pun WINCED
Roenick score GOAL
Rouse again REWAKE
Sacred bird of old Egypt IBIS
Salk product SERUM
Screenwriter Ephron NORA
Shakespearean contraction TWERE
Show flexibility ADAPT
Singer Kristofferson KRIS
Slangy assent YEAH
Song for Madama Butterfly ARIA
Space Invaders company ATARI
Sport shirts POLOS
Step on it! SCALE
Toward the rear, nautically AFT
Travail TOIL
Wide-eyed AGOG
___ of expertise AREAS
___-Saxon ANGLO
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