How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 18 2015

"Little Miss Muffet sat ___ ..." ONA
About a third of Earth's land mass ASIA
Accumulates birthdays AGES
Adjust, as a timer RESET
Baby's word for mother MAMA
Back biter MOLAR
Bangkok cuisine THAI
Be an audience loudmouth HECKLE
Bouncers, sometimes CARDERS
Brer Rabbit Uncle REMUS
Capital of Senegal DAKAR
Cheese in balls EDAM
Creole pod OKRA
Critter for a woodsman's cap COON
Cut into tiny pieces MINCE
Delivers a tirade RANTS
Doodle in a music book? YANKEE
Elegantly stylish CHIC
Emirate on the Persian Gulf DUBAI
Envelope type MANILA
Full of lurid details RACY
Function of sundials TIMEMEASUREMENT
Grand ___ (vintage) CRU
Gray matter matter? IDEA
Habituate ENURE
Hawaii's Mauna ___ KEA
Holstered pistol, e.g SIDEARM
Indefinite large number MANY
Ingredient in facial tissues ALOE
Is discontinued ENDS
Its capital is St.-Etienne LOIRE
Kitchen fat LARD
Kiwi's extinct cousin MOA
Layer of ground SOD
Like some ground chunk LEAN
Line you sing LYRIC
Love in 11-Down AMOUR
Making no sense INANE
Masseuse offerings RUBDOWNS
Middle of a famed palindrome ERE
Monotonous lifestyle RUT
Morsel of food ORT
Nabisco mainstay OREO
Outrigger paddle OAR
Partner of "calm and collected" COOL
Pizzeria lure AROMA
Postpone, as an execution STAY
Protective embankment, briefly SCARP
Pueblo vessel OLLA
Puzzle in pictures REBUS
Reason for a ref to stop an NBA game CLOCKCORRECTION
Richly decorated ORNATE
Saturday a.m. TV star TOON
Seaside raptor ERNE
Seed distributor SOWER
Senator's assistant AIDE
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Signed, Hollywood-style INKED
Soda-can opener TAB
Softens by steeping in liquid MACERATES
Some brass instruments TUBAS
Speaker's platform BEMA
Spray graffiti on, e.g MAR
Spreadsheet entry DATUM
Starr-struck object? DRUM
Three-time role for Keanu NEO
Top off a room CEIL
Topmost position ACME
Tour guide CICERONE
Tries to recall, as a president IMPEACHES
Trotsky or Spinks LEON
Two make a Latin dance CHA
Unknown author ANON
Yoko of the music world ONO
___ cap (mushroom) INKY
___ of the Apostles ACTS
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