How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 17 2014

"Cool" amount MIL
"Lanka" preceder SRI
"Local" groups UNIONS
"Summer Nights" musical GREASE
"What ___ the odds?" ARE
"What've you been ___?" UPTO
Aggravate IRK
Airport info, informally ETA
Ammo in a harmless shooter PEA
An Aussie call COOEE
Antiquated OLD
Apparently amazed AGAPE
Asserts AVERS
Audition tapes DEMOS
Barbershop touch-up TRIM
Bing, bang or boom NOISE
Buzzi and Ginsburg RUTHS
Certain tax shelter IRA
Cincinnati threesome ENS
City near Salt Lake OGDEN
Cleans up text EDITS
Common sight in Alaskan waters FISHINGBOAT
Competes VIES
Computer accessory PRINTER
Confederate soldier REBEL
Connoisseur of beauty ESTHETE
Continuing story line ARC
Cotton fabrics SATEENS
Crossword framework GRID
Disney dwarf DOC
Do, for one NOTE
Dog command BEG
Douses SOAKS
Dove's aversion WAR
Dried-up riverbeds WADIS
Elliptic OVOID
Exodus commemoration SEDER
Expanding desert GOBI
Exploded, as a tire BLEW
Go overboard on stage EMOTE
Got back, as hair REGREW
Hand lotion ingredient ALOE
Hansel and Gretel's weapon OVEN
Heater component COIL
High beams RAFTERS
Kind of silence EERIE
Lend ___ (pay attention) ANEAR
Lyric work ODE
Made use of a divan SAT
More than ticked IRATE
Mouselike rodents VOLES
Newspapers, collectively PRESS
Orchestra tuner OBOE
Pale pub potable ALE
Pig tail? LET
Proctor's handouts TESTS
Public square, in ancient Greece AGORA
Quite similar ALIKE
Reminiscer's word AGO
Rushers make it HASTE
Seedless oranges NAVELS
Shake things up ROCKTHEBOAT
Shout of disapproval BOO
Sidestepped AVERTED
Smoldering ash EMBER
String quartet instrument CELLO
Surgical glove material LATEX
There are five in this puzzle BOATS
They're just for laughs HAHS
Towel monogram HERS
Town noted for its shroud TURIN
Triangle corner VERTEX
Turn informer SNITCH
Typically messy eaters TOTS
Unit of weight TON
Venezuelan river ORINOCO
What a destroyer might target TORPEDOBOAT
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