How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 13 2013

"The First Lady of Song" Fitzgerald ELLA
"___ be a pleasure!" ITLL
"___ the Sons" (Gay Talese best seller) UNTO
A fan of INTO
Act like a thirsty cat LAP
Amazonian underwater shocker EEL
Backspace through ERASE
Birthstone in a shell PEARL
By the same token ALSO
Caspian Sea tributary URAL
Checked out visually EYED
Chow ___ (Chinese dish) MEIN
Collection of miscellany OLIO
Contest hopeful ENTRY
Descriptions on product boxes USES
Dos Passos trilogy USA
Dragged fishing net TRAWL
Easily pushed around WEAK
Entirely FULLY
Fill to excess SATE
Firecracker sound BANG
Fleshy seed cover ARIL
Follower of Las Vegas or New York STRIP
Fond farewell ADIEU
Frilly fabric LACE
Fully stretched TAUT
Get your nose into someone's business SNOOP
Gift bags from pledge drives TOTES
Hissed "Over here!" PSST
Home remodeler's test purchase, perhaps ROLLOFWALLPAPER
Hopelessly confused LOST
In ___ of (rather than) LIEU
Isn't on the level SLOPES
Jennifer, in "Dreamgirls" EFFIE
Knight in shining armor HERO
Like 800 numbers TOLLFREE
Like a Saturday crossword HARD
Like some singing voices ALTO
Made a vault LEAPT
Make amends (for) ATONE
Make round, as dough ROLLUPINTOABALL
Mexican eatery staple SALSA
One-___ (brief joke) LINER
Outraged ANGRY
Paving block STONE
Place to hibernate DEN
Plum-like fruit SLOE
Proceed slowly but surely PLOD
Protect from floods EMBANK
Quick, open-topped automobile RUNABOUT
Ra, to some SUNGOD
Race with a baton RELAY
Racetrack tipster TOUT
Ragged mountain ridge ARETE
Reaching into the past, as a memory LONG
Rebounded sound ECHO
Relative of the wasp SAWFLY
Ringing of bells PEAL
See from afar ESPY
Seesaw quorum TWO
Sharer's word OUR
Shogun's Tokyo EDO
Slightest amount WHIT
Spanish wine SHERRY
Sudden invasion FORAY
Thunder god THOR
Top-___ golf balls FLITE
Transportation station DEPOT
Treat with haughty disdain SNOOT
Upper regions of space, poetically ETHER
Used a hoe TILLED
Verbal ORAL
Very small TINY
When repeated, a Washington state city WALLA
Word with "space" AERO
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