How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 11 2018

"No pain, no gain," for one phrase
A sour note start? endon
Accumulating amassing
Adding column tens
Author Asimov isaac
Before Uncle Sam's share pretax
Best Actress Sophia loren
Clear hurdles? leap
Coinage specie
Colorful "delicious" planting? redappleorchard
Colorful anti-inflammatory rosehipextract
Colorful breakfast choice pinkgrapefruit
Common pope name leo
Communications industry media
Contends vies
Decked out clad
Delhi garment sari
Do this to jaywalk cross
Dude who's noble earl
Eastern blueblood rani
Enemy of Thor loki
Engine part piston
Farm's yield crop
Fortune-teller seer
Gives for a time lends
Hammer go-with sickle
Home heating fuel oil
Hosiery thread lisle
Iacocca or Remick lee
It's full of holes sieve
Left the nest flew
Little biting bug flea
Mallet-struck instrument gong
Middle East seaport aden
Mountain part peak
Norse god of poetry odin
Novelist Tom or Thomas wolfe
Opposed to, country-style agin
Outtake reason flub
Perform over redo
Persistent attack siege
Phone keypad symbol star
Property figure? area
Prosper flourish
Rabbit features ears
Readies, as a pump primes
Rumbler on the highway semi
Sean of films penn
Seeks directions asks
Show up come
Sign that bodes omen
Smoking deposit ash
Soaring U.S. symbol eagle
Some bones radii
Some court hearings oyers
Some dig finds relics
Some more bones carpi
Speak indelicately cuss
Sportscast finales recaps
Spot for a plant sill
Stuff on a pool table felt
Swipe steal
Temporarily shelved onice
Tokyo resident asian
Toy brick lego
Tries to be seductive flirts
Trot easily lope
Turkish title bey
Vote of support aye
Way past the sell-by date stale
Way to get out egress
Web address pt url
What jowls do sag
Word of acceptance okay
___ apso (terrier) lhasa
___ the crack of dawn upat
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