How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 10 2012

"... neither the time ___ the place" NOR
"Do ___ others ..." UNTO
"___ be over soon" ITLL
A bouquet has one AROMA
A deadly sin SLOTH
African lumberer RHINO
Alphabet concluder ZEE
Alter the appearance of REDO
Apply makeup DAB
Archie's better half EDITH
Asset at the card table POKERFACE
Auto damage DENTS
Bagpiper's cap TAM
Bard's "always" EER
Bed in a nursery CRIB
Below, to a bard NEATH
Big mfr. of point-of-sale terminals NCR
Big smile GRIN
Bit of body art, for short TAT
Bloke from Stoke-on-Trent BRIT
Breadcrumbs, in a children's story TRAIL
Car bomb? LEMON
Clint's "High Plains Drifter" co-star VERNA
Clown's height-enhancer STILT
Country music's Tucker TANYA
Cry of derision YAH
Dadaist pioneer ARP
Drained of color ASHEN
Dumpy digs HOVEL
E, to Einstein ENERGY
Enjoy the Appalachian Trail HIKE
Feature of old quarters EAGLE
Fleet cats CHEETAHS
Freedom from hardship EASINESS
Genetic cell material RNA
German spa Bad ___ EMS
Get a good look at EYE
Group of eight OCTET
Hamper part LID
Honor system's basis TRUST
Hybrid whose father is a lion LIGER
Is down with, as a disease HAS
It divides the court NET
It is measured in ears CORN
Japanese cartoons ANIME
Kind of campus protest SITIN
Lend a hand to AID
Los ___ ("La Bamba" band) LOBOS
Make a decision FISHORCUTBAIT
Middle East leader EMIR
Motion-picture spools REELS
Not delayed ONTIME
Part of TGIF GOD
Prepare to fire AIM
Rough wool cloth TWEED
Sailors TARS
Second Hebrew letters BETHS
Shout of disgust UGH
Slip up ERR
Spectacular football play SHOESTRINGCATCH
Straight up, on a compass TRUENORTH
Surgical dressing GAUZE
Tear a stripe off DEMOTE
Telecom giant GTE
The may be left in stitches GASHES
Thing you may be dared to cross IMAGINARYLINE
Ticket entitlements SEATS
Title for a lady MADAM
Upper regions of space, figuratively ETHER
Upstate New York city UTICA
Vatican tribunal ROTA
Washing machine phase CYCLE
Wharton conferral MBA
What a doctor might ask you to say AAH
White wading bird EGRET
Winter precipitation SNOW
Worn-down pencil NUB
___ Jean, aka Marilyn NORMA
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