How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 08 2007

''... jawbone of an ___'' (Judges 15:16) ASS
''Alfie'' actor Omar EPPS
''Look who just showed up!'' SPEAKOFTHEDEVIL
''Passenger 57'' star SNIPES
''Surprise!'' PEEKABOO
''The Matrix'' hero NEO
''Turtle'' or ''crew'' attachment NECK
180 degrees from WSW ENE
A millipede's many LEGS
A small drink of liquor NIP
Abridge, e.g. EDIT
Acid units TABS
Adder relative ASP
Air, to a jet engine INTAKE
Allergy indication RASH
Almost-finished cigar STUB
Ancient burial stone STELE
Anti-alcohol types DRYS
Antipasto morsel SALAMI
Attached to ''Steel,'' it's a Hefty trash bag SAK
Balance beam perfection TEN
Bamako's country MALI
Band aid AMP
Banker's byword SAVE
Bargain hunters' site EBAY
Beauty parlor procedures RINSES
Bed starter SEEDS
Before, poetically ERE
Bender TEAR
Boat launch area, perhaps INLET
Book before Nehemiah EZRA
Bookie's business BET
Boom preceder SIS
Booter's aid TEE
Botswana desert region KALAHARI
Building extension ELL
Bulldog ELI
Cape-wearing Lugosi BELA
Case-breaker, at times DNA
Certain Pueblo Indians HOPIS
Characters in a frat house? PSIS
Cherry red CERISE
Classic TV's ''Mayday'' Malone SAM
Colons in emoticons, often EYES
Commotions ADOS
Compote ingredients, perhaps PEARS
Crackerjack AONE
Cruise quarters STATEROOM
Distasteful UNSAVORY
DNA may provide it PROOF
Durable hardwood OAK
Engage, as gears MESH
English author Kingsley AMIS
English Northwest Passage seeker BAFFIN
Expensive coat SABLE
Extraordinary REMARKABLE
Eyelid irritants STYES
Feudal lords LIEGES
Filled with passion AFLAME
Frat letter TAU
Fuel-rating number OCTANE
Grenoble is its capital ISERE
Group of musicians ENSEMBLE
Hardens SETS
High standards IDEALS
Hiked, as prices UPPED
Home retreat DEN
Houston approval AOK
Hull's part KEEL
Hung out LOLLED
Iberian Mrs. SRA
Icelandic literary collections EDDAS
Impudent reply SASS
In and of itself PERSE
Incident HAP
It keeps its head above water BERG
It may be filled with gunpowder TEACUP
It often contains six yards of silk SARI
Jerry Mathers role BEAVER
Jesse Ventura victory, once PIN
Kind of burglar CAT
Late-appearing star LENO
Law-making bodies SENATES
Like beds, again and again REMADE
Lily in a wedding bouquet, perhaps CALLA
Little foxes KITS
Long-loved Irving Berlin tune SAYITISNTSO
Longbow wood YEW
Lou Grant portrayer ASNER
Middle Eastern capital since 1788 TEHRAN
Minimal effort EASE
Moriarty, to Holmes ENEMY
Move at the dance hall STEP
New York state pen city ELMIRA
Nowadays ANYMORE
Occupies RESIDES
On sick leave ILL
On the chilly side NIPPY
On your toes ALERT
One person's opinion SLANT
Organizational aids LISTS
Overthrows TOPPLES
Paddock papas SIRES
Part of a place setting UTENSIL
Part of a square SIDE
Participant in some receptions END
Pear-shaped fiddle REBEC
Pieces of history ERAS
Pinochle card ACE
Place between hills VALE
Place to get pinned MAT
Poison TOXIN
Porterhouse or strip STEAK
Pre-owned USED
Prohibition establishment SPEAKEASY
Request of an invitee, briefly RSVP
Riffled, as book pages LEAFED
Rossini character FIGARO
Said ''Sure!'' ASSENTED
Sawyer of ''Good Morning America'' DIANE
School org. PTA
Scolded RAILED
Screws up GOOFS
Shade in ''America the Beautiful'' AMBER
Sicily's Mongibello ETNA
Sixth day of Christmas gift GEESE
Sixth Greek letter ZETA
Slow learner CRETIN
Snootiness AIRS
Some rail lines ELS
Squeezes (out), as a living EKES
Stand for DENOTE
Storm center EYE
Strands, as by a winter storm ICESIN
Strikes a pose SITS
Stuff CRAM
Sushi elements EELS
Symbol of easiness PIE
Terminal info ETAS
They're for the birds NESTS
They're high but not dry SEAS
Tighten a corset, perhaps RELACE
Tofu source SOYA
Toss back more than a few TOPE
U.S. Open winner, 1994 and 1997 AGASSI
Wasn't colorfast BLED
Wellsian race ELOI
X-ray dose RAD
You can get this in bars SOAP
___ culpa MEA
___ Friday's (restaurant chain) TGI
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