How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 05 2005

''A Midsummer's Night Dream'' character ASS
''Atlas Shrugged'' author RAND
''Get real!'' DREAMON
''Honest'' president ABE
''I don't think so!'' NOWAY
''I need it yesterday!'' initials ASAP
''The Wild Bunch'' director Peckinpah SAM
''___ a Lady'' (Tom Jones song) SHES
Air spray target ODOR
Arab leader EMIR
Bank (on) RELY
Batter's place, sometimes CAKEPAN
Behind the times PASSE
Bird's beak NEB
Butcher's wares MEAT
Cast out BANISH
Chills and fever AGUE
Clarinet cousin OBOE
Contemptuous cry BAH
Cookbook abbr. TSP
Crash-investigating org. NTSB
Disfigure MAR
Fear greatly DREAD
Fed. watchdog created by Nixon EPA
Film festival site CANNES
Friend in 7-Down AMI
General helper AIDE
Gesture of acknowledgement NOD
Godliness PIETY
Graph line AXIS
Hoard SAVE
Indisposed AVERSE
Intersection sign WALK
It premiered in Cairo AIDA
Keats's poem for Psyche ODE
Legal conclusion? ESE
Litmus tester ALKALI
Lunchtime call, sometimes SOUPSON
Meal featuring a roast pig LUAU
Mercury's Greek counterpart HERMES
Nine-digit ID SSN
Nursery affliction COLIC
One making amends ATONER
Oodles SLEWS
P.T. Barnum exhibit FREAK
Plugging away ATIT
Positive response YES
R.W.R.'s ''Star Wars'' SDI
Refuses to budge STANDSFIRM
Right this minute NOW
Ring or rink figure REF
River near Paris OISE
Riviera resort NICE
Ruler of yore (Var.) TSAR
Scoundrel SOANDSO
Seaweed variety KELP
Seine substance EAU
Serious apprehension DEEPCONCERN
Silver-tongued one ORATOR
Some Chippendales SOFAS
Sound from a cote COO
Stadium sign EXIT
Start serving TAKEOFFICE
The Kettles MAANDPA
They respond to role calls ACTORS
Tiny migrating duck TEAL
Ungentlemanly gentleman CAD
Untroubled ATPEACE
Victimize PREYON
Weal's opposite WOE
Weekly stipend, for many PAY
Woodworker CARPENTER
Yearning YEN
Years and years AGES
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