How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 03 2016

"... blessing ___ curse?" ORA
"Dig in!" EAT
"I ___ return" SHALL
"I'm Sorry" singer Brenda LEE
"Itty" follower BITTY
"My man!" BRO
Aboriginal food source EMU
About three grains of troy weight CARAT
Absorbent after-bath powder TALC
African river NILE
Alias AKA
Andean animal LLAMA
Antiquity YORE
Apprehend NAB
Assail BESET
Balkan capital SOFIA
Barely make (with "out") EKE
Beaks NEBS
Beauty pageant wear TIARA
Bestows a title upon ENNOBLES
Beyond one's imagination INCONCEIVABLE
Blacken on a grill CHAR
Cavalry group TROOP
Certain Arab OMANI
Computer keyboard key ALT
Contradict BELIE
Crosswise, on deck ABEAM
Cutlass, e.g., briefly OLDS
Dentist's filling INLAY
Doorframe part LINTEL
Drop, as a vowel sound ELIDE
Dry riverbed WADI
Fierce anger RAGE
Firstborn ELDEST
Fit for farming ARABLE
Food crumb ORT
Grasped GOT
Grassland LEA
Hairdresser's handful TRESS
Hr. at the prime meridian GMT
Impossible to put into words INDESCRIBABLE
Kind of stamp RUBBER
Kindled anew RELIT
Lake near Niagara Falls ERIE
Last words of Little Jack Horner AMI
Lennon's bride ONO
Liability–ď%82's opposite ASSET
Like an offer one should avoid TOOGOODTOBETRUE
Like Lucifer EVIL
Like the color purple REGAL
Long, long time EON
Luxury auto, for short ROLLS
Magnanimous BIG
McQueen of "The Great Escape" STEVE
Misfortunes ILLS
Mouthy exams ORALS
Music-score sign SEGNO
Noted Bible printer GUTENBERG
One Mr. Rogers ROY
Place for experiments LAB
Queen of the hill? ANT
Rich spreads PATES
Round coif AFRO
Screenplay outline SCENARIO
Small finch SERIN
Soft palate attachment UVULA
Southwestern desert plant YUCCA
Start of something ONSET
Supply with staff MAN
Top Boy Scout EAGLE
Tropical birds with curved beaks HORNBILLS
Vinyl collectible ALBUM
Volcanic spew ASH
What hens do LAY
___ costs (by any means) ATALL
___ du Flambeau, Wisc LAC
___ motion (begin) SETIN
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