How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 03 2001

''--- tricks?'' HOWS
''... lamp ___ my feet'' UNTO
''... long --- both shall live'' ASWE
''Bamboozled'' director LEE
''El Lider'' PERON
''Elvira, --- of the Dark'' MISTRESS
''Heroides'' author OVID
''Jane ___'' EYRE
''Listen!'' HARK
''Of Thee ---'' ISING
''Pardon me'' AHEM
''Prince ___'' IGOR
''Rubber capital of the world'' AKRON
''Sayonara!'' BYE
''Some Like ___'' ITHOT
''That --- no lady ...'' WAS
''The Merry Widow'' composer LEHAR
''Well, what do you know!'' OHO
''___ extra cost to you'' ATNO
''___ Rosenkavalier'' (Strauss) DER
... what happens in England? PLYMOUTHROCKS
... what happens in the cupboard? JELLYROLLS
... what happens in the refrigerator? MILKSHAKES
... what happens on the East Coast? VIRGINIAREELS
112.5 degrees away from S ENE
1998 animated film ANTZ
A do seen at Woodstock AFRO
Abba of Israel EBAN
Active one, in Sicily ETNA
Actress Ruby DEE
Aquatic plant ALGA
Ardent cry? BAWLOFFIRE
Articulate SAY
Artist Magritte RENE
Astute SAGE
Automatic lead-in SEMI
Back FRO
Ball girls DEBS
Ballerina's move PLIE
Ballerina's support TOE
Bamboozle HOODWINK
Baseball's Moises or Felipe ALOU
Basil and rosemary HERBS
Be a worrywart FRET
Bearing MIEN
Bed with bars CRIB
Beefsteak order RARE
Biblical passage TEXT
Biennial vegetable BEET
Big social gathering EVENT
Black, Yellow and Red SEAS
Black-capped gulls TERNS
Boulevard liners ELMS
Bowie's last stand ALAMO
Braved the rapids RAFTED
British buddy MATEY
Buying binges SPREES
Calling company? AVON
Capacious ROOMY
Carbon copy TWIN
Carol the supermodel ALT
Carpenter's tool LEVEL
Catchall Latin citation ETAL
Catherine of ''Traffic'' ZETAJONES
Celestial ram ARIES
Center of Los Angeles ONEAL
Certain horse PINTO
Certain operators SURGEONS
Chang's twin ENG
Chart-topping country band ALABAMA
Chat sessions GABFESTS
Chimed RANG
Chimney conduit FLUE
Church official ELDER
Church projection APSE
Cinephile's collectible POSTER
City of Brotherly Love, briefly PHILLY
City on the Willamette SALEM
City south of Moscow OREL
Clean source of energy SOLARPOWER
Cleveland-to-Akron dir. SSE
Comedy producer Hal ROACH
Common thing SENSE
Commonwealths LANDS
Commotion ADO
Conniptions FITS
Contender for your title FOE
Cook up BREW
Council of ___ (1545-1563) TRENT
Country singer Davis MAC
Creator of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy LOUISA
Creche trio (with ''the'') MAGI
Curved upward in the middle CAMBERED
Dance start CHA
Desiccated ARID
Determine if it's gold ASSAY
Dietary, in advertisements LITE
Disconcert ABASH
Does in OFFS
Does without FORGOES
Drawing interesting to many LOTTO
Drums or dance lines CONGAS
Dry as desert sand ARID
Eject, as molten lava SPEW
Enraged LIVID
Ethan or Joel of movies COEN
Exasperated IRKED
Exceedingly VERY
Exploit DEED
FDR's successor HST
Features of shale and slate? LONGAS
Felix or Sylvester CAT
Fencing position ENGARDE
Fertile triangle RIVERDELTA
Find for The Three Bears PORRIDGE
Finished ENDED
Fire safety activities DRILLS
First name in classic TV husbands DESI
First showing PREMIERE
Flap on medieval breeches CODPIECE
Flight info ETA
Flight of fancy ESCAPISM
Folded fast food TACO
Folks who dig the farm? HOERS
Foolish or scatterbrained GOOSY
Ford from Tennessee ERNIE
Forever-day connection ANDA
Four-footed moms DAMS
Fourth anniversary gift LINEN
Gave one's two cents OPINED
Geologist's time division ERA
Get out! SHOO
Gets up RISES
Glazier's unit PANE
Good sign or bad sign OMEN
Graph points LOCI
Grasped KNEW
Grazing grounds LEAS
Gregory Peck role AHAB
Gum clumps WADS
Guns and ammo shelter? COTEOFARMS
Guns down from above STRAFES
Guru's retreat ASHRAM
Habitation ABODE
Hair tamer GEL
Ham's shelter, for a time ARK
Haphazard RANDOM
Happy or sad feeling MOOD
Hard to pin down EELY
Hardly libertine PRUDE
He lived for 905 years ENOS
Head of the wolf pack ALPHAMALE
Health farm SPA
Heavenly hunter ORION
Hellos HIS
Highly collectible RARE
Highly unconventional OUTRE
Home economics' counterpart SHOP
Humble home, really HUT
Hunter's quarry GAME
Ignited LIT
Imperfection FLAW
Indeterminate amount ANY
Indian soldier in British service SEPOY
Indonesia locale ASIA
It appears several times in this puzzle, so fill'er up! SAG
It has a very large floor OCEAN
It may bounce off walls ECHO
It may go to blazes HOSE
It'll drop your jaw AWE
It's a wrap! SARAN
It's capped and may be slapped KNEE
It's kept in a pen INK
It's often beaten PATH
Italian island SICILY
Its coat is 100% wool SHEEP
Jane Goodall subject APE
Jay seen at night LENO
Jazz singer Anita ODAY
Jimmy Durante trademark NOSE
Journals LOGS
Joyce's land EIRE
Judicial order WRIT
Kansas City daily STAR
Keep time manually CLAP
Kick back LOAF
Kicker's target, sometimes SHIN
Knitting term PURL
Kwan's surface ICE
Landscaping tool PRUNER
Lay away STORE
Lectern platform DAIS
Letters at sea HMS
Level TIER
Libertine or rake ROUE
Life lines? OBITS
Life stories, briefly BIOS
Like granola OATEN
Like towel-dried hair DAMP
Litter's littlest RUNT
Liza Minnelli musical CABARET
Long stories SAGAS
Lose one's cool BLOWAGASKET
Lounging attire PJS
Lowered in rank DEROGATED
Make a bubble BLOW
Mammoth's kin ELEPHANT
Margin mark, perhaps STET
Math class CALC
Means partner WAYS
Medical ritual, briefly PREP
Mélange OLIO
Microwave feature TIMER
Minding everyone else's business NOSY
Mingle MIX
Moisturizer ingredient, perhaps ALOE
Monk's mantle FROCK
Moreover ALSO
Mount Rushmore man, honest! ABE
Mouse trap temptation CHEESE
MP's prey AWOL
Muslim belief ISLAM
Myopic mammals, informally RHINOS
Mystery writer Grafton SUE
Namath's 1969 Super Bowl foe UNITAS
Navigator's need MAP
No-frills resting place COT
Norse god of war THOR
Notched and jagged EROSE
Noted volcano ETNA
Object of frequent sightings ELVIS
Official stamp SEAL
Old Soviet news bureau TASS
Optimistic SANGUINE
Orange-flavored liqueur CURACAO
Org. of narcs DEA
Overly romantic STARRYEYED
Palate appendage UVULA
Palindromic Swedish icons ABBA
Panasonic rival SANYO
Participate in a hootenanny SINGASONG
Passover staple MATZO
Paul's partner, for a time ART
Pennsylvania lake port ERIE
Personal watercraft JETSKIS
Persuasive ones CAJOLERS
Philanderer RAKE
Pick partner CHOOSE
Picnic invader ANT
Pitcher caught in a rules violation BALKER
Place for the greatest nut-shellers? HULLOFFAME
Places to go around in circles RINKS
Play area STAGE
Poet laureate Nicholas ROWE
Poet's preposition ERE
Popular palindrome ending ELBA
Popular tower AAA
Potato exporter IDAHO
Practicing great self-denial ASCETIC
Prefix for content MAL
Prefix for metric ISO
Press IRON
Pretentiously showy GLITZY
Prompts URGES
Pub purchase ALE
Puncture sound SSS
Pussycat's film partner OWL
Put in stitches SEWN
Radioactive emissions moving at the speed of light GAMMARAYS
Rather and Marino DANS
Ready to hit the hay BEAT
Realizes REAPS
Recipient of a stop order? THIEF
Recycling receptacle BIN
Ref's call TKO
Revenuer's quarry MOONSHINER
Rich pastry TORTE
Risked a few points SPED
River in France LOIRE
Rock composed of quartz AGATE
Rock-tour venue ARENA
Rome's port of yore OSTIA
Roni lead-in RICEA
Root used as medicine GINSENG
Rugged rock CRAG
Ruler in Abu Dhabi EMIR
Sail-crossing spar SPRIT
Salinger dedicatee ESME
Samuel Beckett's homeland EIRE
Schemata PLANS
Sci-fi creatures DROIDS
Scull OAR
Seasoned hands VETS
Seek opinions POLL
Sent away on a cruise with a wave SEENOFF
Server for a soiree URN
Se–ora Per—n EVITA
Shakespeare contemporary BACON
Showing strain EDGY
Shucks HUSKS
Sidekick PAL
Sinn Fein org. IRA
Sleep-inducing drugs OPIATES
Sleuth Vance PHILO
Snow chaser JOB
Snow conveyances SLEDS
Snowballed GREW
Soak in the tub BATHE
Solar system models PLANETARIA
Some alcohols ETHYLS
Some collectible dolls KENS
Sometimes it's for the money ONE
Sound of winter? BRR
Sounds of displeasure UGHS
Sounds of impatience BEEPS
Sourish ACIDY
Spanish 1 verb conjugation ESTA
Sri Lanka currency RUPEE
Start for Carlos or Filipe SAO
Start of a magical incantation ABRA
Steffi Graf's husband ANDREAGASSI
Stratagem PLOY
Strong scent ODOR
Student-focused org. PTA
Stumped GOT
Substitute spread OLEO
Sugar suffix OSE
Suitable letter? TEE
Super finish? IOR
Supply sustenance FEED
Swagger STRUT
Swedish turnips RUTABAGAS
Swindling scheme BUNCO
Swiss chard, e.g. BEET
Tackroom item SADDLE
Take in fully ABSORB
Tangible REAL
Taper gradually NARROW
Territory AREA
Theater chain LOEWS
They're all ears, practically CORNSTALKS
Third degrees PHDS
Thomas Lincoln, to family TAD
Threshold BRINK
Thug's blade SHIV
Tosspot's state STUPOR
Transfix STAB
Trim away PARE
Trunk or vessel STEAMER
Tunney and Tierney GENES
Two-kind connector OFA
Type of ball NERF
Type of monster GILA
Type of pilot AUTO
Type of replay, briefly SLOMO
Type of table END
Valuable club ACE
Velocipede TRICYCLE
Vent sound HISS
Walt Kelly character POGO
War rewards SPOILS
Was in store for AWAITED
Water quantity, often GLASSFUL
Wayne's butler ALFRED
Weasel out of EVADE
Weather's bad boy ELNINO
Wedding run-through REHEARSAL
What a great sculpture may be? FEATOFCLAY
What unintelligible writing is to me? GREEK
Wheat husks, e.g. BRANS
When repeated it's an island near Tahiti BORA
Where sports events may be held ARENA
Where to view the House CSPAN
Without alteration ASIS
Word on a health food label NONFAT
Word preceding a blessing, perhaps ACHOO
Word with enough or entertainment THATS
Word with truth or blood SERUM
Words to a gift recipient OPENIT
World Cup participant ITALY
Yonder THERE
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