How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 02 2016

"... happily ___ after" EVER
"Adolescent" start PRE
"Damn Yankees" femme fatale LOLA
"I had no ___!" IDEA
"Sacro" follower ILIAC
"Tomorrow" musical ANNIE
"Trick" joint KNEE
"Works for me" OKAY
"___ Gantry" ELMER
Acid-neutralizing compound ALKALI
Astrological carnivore LEO
Auction merchandise, sometimes ART
Bearlike marsupial KOALA
Between a rock and a hard place INAPRETTYPICKLE
Biochemistry abbr RNA
Bird of old Rome AVIS
Breed ILK
Brief quarrel SETTO
Bright meteor FIREBALL
Certain voiced votes AYES
Cheated at hide and seek PEEKED
Coffee order, sometimes MOCHA
Congers EELS
Content starter MAL
Crime boss CAPO
Current measures AMPERES
Directors Spike and Ang LEES
Do the running man DANCE
Duane or Nelson EDDY
Face-to-face exam ORAL
Finish a pie crust CRIMP
Fish-eating birds OSPREYS
Flexible mineral MICA
Get a handle on GRIP
Had a sensation FELT
Half of the tai chi symbol YIN
Hardly a gentleman CAD
Having X and Y chromosomes MALE
He's "the Man" of baseball STAN
Heavy British weight TONNE
Hope for a nominee AWARD
Human aces ADEPTS
Hunter's hiding place BLIND
It gives one a leg up STAIR
It's spotted in Westerns PINTO
Kind of license POETIC
Lady Macbeth or Hamlet ROLE
Like a neat, perfect arrangement INAPPLEPIEORDER
Member of Indian royalty RANI
Modern Persia IRAN
Most desperate DIREST
Oasis fruit DATES
One way to serve a steak RARE
Pivot SLUE
Prefix with "cross" CRISS
Proceeds from a heist HAUL
Quenches SLAKES
Raise trivial objections CAVIL
Relax on a couch LOLL
Rosemary or thyme HERB
Sailor, in slang TAR
Satan (with "the") DEVIL
Scarf material SILK
Site of a Muslim pilgrimage MECCA
Soil type LOAM
Soon, to a bard ANON
Spongy tree gall OAKAPPLE
Swimming pool measurement DEPTH
Tall fodder holder SILO
Use a bayonet STAB
Was a blabbermouth TOLD
What you're filling in GRID
Wooden shoe SABOT
Yeanling's mother EWE
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