How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 02 2011

"Take a hike!" SCRAM
Adjunct for "war" or "gossip" MONGER
Aerobics class reminder ACHE
Appropriate anagram of "Bart" BRAT
At the summit ATOP
Barn bedding HAY
Beach bird ERNE
Big name in cosmetics ESTEE
Big name in tractors DEERE
Bit of thatching REED
Bookkeeper's book LEDGER
Bottle blondes DYERS
Candy container BOWL
Cerise and crimson REDS
Clementi work ETUDE
Cobra and Viper CARS
Cold and blustery RAW
Continental divider OCEAN
Crimson Glory, for one ROSE
Cut the fat PARE
Derisive look SNEER
Distribute (with "out") METE
DOJ department FBI
Drop off for a bit NAP
Dry Italian table wine SOAVE
Finger, in a way RATON
Finish'd OER
First ___ equals AMONG
German/Czech river ODER
Greek promenades STOAS
Kind of formality MERE
Kind of surgeon ORAL
King or Freed ALAN
Lacking originality STALE
Land of Apia SAMOA
Laundry repository HAMPER
Lessened, as suffering EASED
Leverage in negotiations BARGAININGCHIP
Like Bill Gates RICH
Lose strength FLAG
Make up one's mind OPT
Massacre site of 1836 ALAMO
Miscalculated ERRED
Mix for rum COLA
Modicum IOTA
Molecule component ATOM
Mumbai wraparound SARI
Olfactory trigger ODOR
Olympian tale MYTH
One for whom nothing's good enough SNOB
One of the five W's WHERE
One to one, e.g RATIO
Ornamental arch OGEE
Paying passenger FARE
Perch or pike FISH
Popular cosmetics ingredient ALOE
Prepare leftovers REHEAT
Ruffle some feathers RILE
Seaweed variety KELP
Sends round the bend DRIVESUPTHEWALL
Set up a new billiards game RERACK
She played Jennifer on "WKRP in Cincinnati" LONI
Shipwrecked one's refuge ISLE
Sign of success? VEE
Some consider it a gift GAB
Start of a bedtime story ONCE
Stinging remarks BARBS
Summa cum ___ LAUDE
The law has a long one ARM
The third character? CEE
They're big in Australia EMUS
Tribal unit CLAN
Venerated tribe member ELDER
What a need might do ARISE
Word with "Palmas" or "Cruces" LAS
Word with "when," "what" or "who" EVER
Worked hard TOILED
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