How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 02 2010

" ___ and the King of Siam" ANNA
"7 Faces of Doctor ___" LAO
"A burger, fries and an iced tea," e.g. ORDER
"Aladdin" apparition GENIE
"Heads up!" e.g. ALERT
"I ___" (Culp/Cosby TV show) SPY
"Last chance!" NOWORNEVER
"May I ___ silly question?" ASKA
"OK, I guess" SOSO
"Take a number" site DELI
Alike AKIN
Almost boil SCALD
American cuckoos ANIS
Andean pack animal LLAMA
Antelope with twisted horns ELAND
Aquatic survival phrase SINKORSWIM
Army hotshot BRASSHAT
Array in a classroom DESKS
Baldwin of TV and film ALEC
Beat a path TROD
Big moment at the Met SOLO
Big palooka OAF
Birds flying in a V formation GEESE
Breakfasted ATE
Brother's boy NEPHEW
Brown quickly at a high temperature SEAR
Bruce and Spike LEES
Burns refusal NAE
Canines or bicuspids TEETH
Casaba or Crenshaw MELON
Chairman mentioned in the Beatles' "Revolution" MAO
Champion gymnast Korbut OLGA
Cheaply made FLIMSY
Chinese dollar YUAN
Chinese restaurant appetizer EGGROLL
Choice that questions one's masculinity MANORMOUSE
Cogito-sum link ERGO
Cold-cream ingredient ALOE
Distribute cards DEAL
Duck variety SMEW
Eagle's weapon TALON
Echo-sounding system SONAR
Equine color ROAN
Flag raiser HALYARD
From the beginning again ANEW
Goes on a hunger strike FASTS
Grander than grand EPIC
Had all the answers KNEW
Hide-and-seek player's ultimatum READYORNOT
Horror-movie sound SCREAM
Indian noblewoman RANI
Iranian money DINAR
It's nothing at all NIL
Japanese port in Honshu OSAKA
Judge to be DEEM
King Cole and Turner NATS
Leaf-gathering implement RAKE
Letter getter SENDEE
Los ___, N.M. ALAMOS
Marginal marking NOTATION
More rotten, as timber DOTIER
Passed, as time (with "away") WILED
Pitt of Hollywood BRAD
Pupil of Seneca NERO
Sleep disruption APNEA
Small sailing vessel YAWL
Stitched together SEWN
Taking effect later, in law NISI
They fill the bleachers FANS
Thomas ___ Edison ALVA
Type ILK
Vertical graph line YAXIS
Wise hooter OWL
Words before "A-B-C" EASYAS
X-ray dose units RADS
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
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